Google unveils exclusive Android 11 features for Pixel smartphones

Google unveils exclusive Android 11 features for Pixel smartphones

With every Android release, Google is adding exclusive features to its Pixel smartphones. Then most of them appear on other devices. This time, with the launch of Android 11, it has reintroduced features that make Pixel phones better and more useful, opening up new ways to manage media and organize apps, and make it easier to connect with friends.

For example, you can now use Live View mode with the transfer of location to Google Maps to see in augmented reality where to go to meet friends. Direction arrows and a dot on the screen will help you navigate even in unfamiliar places.

The new Smart Reply feature on the Pixel keyboard makes typing easier by offering helpful answer choices when using chat apps. Moreover, all information is processed locally on the smartphone to ensure confidentiality. While the feature is only available in English, requires the use of Gboard, and does not work in all chats.

Also, Pixel will now generate a list of recommended applications based on daily user actions to make working with a smartphone more convenient. The device will recommend applications that are used at different times of the day: for example, Messages for checking SMS in the morning, Google Maps for day walks or multimedia applications that the user usually launches in the evening to relax after a busy day.

Pixel will also provide better ways to select text and images or take screenshots with new recommended actions. By pasting, saving, or sharing the content they want, the user will have more choices and interactions on Pixel.

Finally, Pixel smartphones help organize home screen shortcuts with smart new folder naming suggestions. That is, when grouping applications, the smartphone will suggest the most suitable name, for example: “Photos”, “News”, “Navigation”, “Fitness” and so on.

All of these features have already started arriving on Google Pixel 2, 3, 3A, 4 and 4A smartphones along with the final build of Android 11.

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