Gref may withdraw from Savings Bank in the event of a change in company strategy

Gref may withdraw from Savings Bank in the event of a change in company strategy

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The head of the bank said this on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos. He is convinced that the basic vector of development cannot be changed, otherwise Herman Gref does not see his place in

“I am deeply convinced that the strategy is right, the practice proves it. When I came to my position, I came up with a concept. If the concept is changed, I do not see my place in
companies, ”TASS quotes him.

In an interview with Russia 24, Gref noted that he was more positive than negative about the possible change of the bank’s main shareholder, and said that the topic of the transfer of the controlling stake was
raises many questions and concerns among investors.

“It seems to me that we can greatly benefit the country today by using our platform for technological transformation. There are not many alternatives in Russia, and we can be very powerful
a platform for the country’s development, for digital transformation, ”he said.

It should be reminded that by 2021, Sberbank must develop and adopt a new strategy instead of the old one, which operates until 2020. Herman Gref has repeatedly stated that Savings Bank will not remain simple
bank and should become a technology company. The central point of the current document is to build an ecosystem of non-financial services.

The question of future direction is still pending. On May 24, 2019, Gref was re-elected chairman of the Savings Bank for another four years, and in December of that year, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov stated,
that the government is discussing the CBR’s withdrawal from the Savings Bank’s capital. The argument was that the financial regulator should not be a member of the organizations over which it oversees. Gref NO
saw problems in possible change of shareholder and confirmed that he is ready to work with the Ministry of Finance as a new owner.

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