hacker showed how easy it is to hack Tesla Model X using Bluetooth

hacker showed how easy it is to hack Tesla Model X using Bluetooth

Computer security specialist Lennert Wouters from Belgium demonstrated how to hack a Tesla Model X electric car using the Bluetooth protocol and special equipment costing about $ 300, which anyone can easily purchase. For example, a laptop computer based on a Raspberry Pi module is part of the system.

The system includes a few more components, but overall, the hacking device is compact enough to fit, for example, in a shoulder backpack. The only thing a hacker needs to get is a special vehicle ID number. However, this will not be a problem either, since it can be read through the windshield of the car.

What’s impressive is the hacking speed. With the right equipment and skills, the entire procedure takes about 90 seconds. After that, the hijacker will have a special radio code to unlock the Model X, which can be quickly installed on a special keyless access key to the car.

There are also disadvantages to this hacking method. Firstly, at the time of hacking, the hacker needs to be at a distance of about 5 meters from a real keyless access key fob to the Model X, and secondly, the method is still designed for those who have sufficient skills and experience to pull off something like that. … Nevertheless, it does not only allow you to quickly hack the Tesla Model X’s security, but also start the car and escape the crime scene.

As the resource indicates Hot Hardware, the manufacturer is already preparing a software security update that will patch this security hole. According to Wouters, the manufacturer will release the required patch within a month as an over the air update.

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