Тюрьма Madison County Jail, источник: Bloomberg

Hackers hacked thousands of security cameras in hospitals, US prisons and Tesla factories

Unknown hackers broke into the security system of the startup Verkada, which offers corporate video surveillance services, and gained access to more than 150 thousand video cameras. Bloomberg reported. Attackers were able to observe what is happening in Tesla factories, schools, prisons, hospitals and police stations.

Madison County Jail, source: Bloomberg

Madison County Jail, source Bloomberg

The journalist contacted the hackers and they confirmed the information about the hacking. The attackers said that they first logged into an account with the login “Super Admin” which they found on the Web, and later used the cameras’ capabilities to gain root access and remote control.

Burglars could view videos from women’s clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and even Verkada’s own offices. The journalist of the publication managed to watch the interrogation at the police station in Stoughton and one video from the Tesla factory in Shanghai. In addition, the attackers gained full access to the entire video archive of all the company’s clients.

One of the members of the group that hacked Verkada said that what happened is a testament to how widespread video surveillance is and how little attention is paid to security systems. According to him, such companies pursue only one goal – profit.

A Bloomberg reporter contacted Verkada and reported the hack. The company responded by disabling all internal administrator accounts to terminate unauthorized access. The representative of the startup also noted that the security service took up vulnerability research and reported the incident to law enforcement agencies. After the transfer of information to Verkada, the hackers reported that they had lost access to the cameras.

Verkada is a Silicon Valley startup. They advertise themselves as a company capable of providing secure remote access to video surveillance. The startup also offers video analytics capabilities to its customers with facial recognition and vehicle identification.

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