Hackers Reveal How Much Crytek Paid To Use Denuvo In Crysis Remastered

Hackers Reveal How Much Crytek Paid To Use Denuvo In Crysis Remastered

In October, hacker group Egregor stole data from Ubisoft and Crytek. Thanks to this, the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion and plans for the release of remasters of all parts of Crysis were released on the Web. And now the attackers have published a new piece of information. Fresh data reveals the amount that Crytek paid for using Denuvo in the re-release of the first Crysis.

According to the portal DSOGaming, the German studio paid € 140,000 for the annual presence of DRM protection in its latest game. But if the project had been released before March 31, 2020, as the developers originally planned, the amount would have been € 14,000 less. After the first year, Crytek has to pay the Denuvo developer € 2k per month for support. The contract also includes a € 6,000 bonus if 500,000 people buy the Crysis remaster on a PC.

In addition, the developers of the shooter have to pay an additional € 10 thousand for placement in each store on a PC. Note that the Crysis reissue appeared only in the Epic Games Store, but when the project is released on Steam, Crytek will have to pay another € 10,000 for Denuvo.

Apparently, similar contracts are concluded with other companies that release games. Surely the developers are removing DRM protection after the first year to cut costs. And most projects are hacked much earlier.

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