Harley-Davidson unveils electric bike, but it's no longer a Harley

Harley-Davidson unveils electric bike, but it’s no longer a Harley

It has been about a year since the latest news about Harley-Davidson electric bikes and now the company has officially announced a model called the Serial 1, which should go on sale next spring. In addition, it was announced that the electric bike division is becoming a separate Serial 1 Cycle company.

It is worth noting that the Serial 1 name is a reference to “Serial Number One,” the nickname for the oldest Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was built in 1903. The design of the modern bike, with white tires, leather seat and handlebar grips, and a sleek black frame, is meant to bring buyers back to the legendary company’s very first prototype.

The manufacturer did not disclose any specifications for the new bike, so at the moment nothing is known about the engine power level, battery capacity and range. It is clear, however, that the bike shown was not built from one of the three prototypes that Harley-Davidson showed at last year’s EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan.

Probably, more detailed information about Serial 1 will appear closer to the start of sales. Harley-Davidson plans to organize the first deliveries of electric bicycles of its own production in March 2021.

It is noteworthy that sales of electric bicycles in the United States are growing rapidly amid the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, the bulk of such bikes are imported into the country from abroad. Last year, the United States imported about 270,000 electric bikes. According to forecasts for this year, the United States could import between 500 and 600 thousand electric bicycles.

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