Hide and Seek Dinosaur: Deathground Co-op Horror Trailer

Hide and Seek Dinosaur: Deathground Co-op Horror Trailer

At the Future Games Show: gamescom 2020 Edition, Jaw Drop Games presented Deathground, a cooperative survival horror game. Imagine if Alien: Isolation had a team mode, and instead of Alien – dinosaurs. This is what Deathground looks like.

As a group of professional hunters and survival specialists, your squad of three travels to the Killing Field to retrieve valuable items. In team mode, you need to cooperate with the rest of the people in order to survive. But Deathground will also offer single-player missions in which the atmosphere is deeper and the horror is stronger, since no one will come to your rescue.

To achieve your goals, you will have to hide from the enemy, and at some points and fight – players will interact with various tools and weapons, and will also gain access to the item creation system. In addition, Deathground will have a character class system with special traits, skills and equipment. So players will be able to choose a convenient combination of heroes for completing tasks.

Jaw Drop Games plans to release Deathground on PC in September 2021.

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