Hisense U7QF premium TVs will soon appear in Russia

Hisense U7QF premium TVs will soon appear in Russia

Hisense will soon begin selling in Russia the new flagship series of 4K ULED TVs Hisense U7QF, which will be represented by the 50U7QF and 55U7QF models with a screen diagonal of 50 and 55 inches, respectively.

The new items have all the qualities of premium TVs, including support for smart TV technology with artificial intelligence and the ability to control from a smartphone using a special RemoteNow application.

The new models are distinguished by their elegant appearance. All of them are made on a single monolithic leg, have a thin frame around the screen and a metal body. Flagship TVs are suitable for any multimedia entertainment: movies, games, web services and Internet access.

The 55U7QF 55-inch model uses two backlight technologies. The first is the Full Array Local Dimming technology, which divides the screen into 72 zones and changes the brightness of the backlight in each of them depending on the image, making dark areas more detailed and light ones brighter. Thanks to this, Full Array Local Dimming allows you to optimally adjust the contrast of the image and provide an HDR effect even for normal content.

The second technology – Quantum Dot Color (application of quantum dots) – uses blue LEDs instead of white ones for backlighting. To obtain white light, the device has a special additional layer of red and green quantum dots, which emit light corresponding to their color. The result is purer white light for accurate color reproduction and a wider range of reproducible tones.

To obtain the most realistic picture, the TV uses the proprietary Ultra Color Enhancer algorithm, which scans the image and calibrates the colors to form a more accurate color scheme. In addition to supporting HDR technologies (High Dynamic Range), the 55U7QF model uses 4K AI UPSCALER technology, which, using artificial intelligence (AI), analyzes and restores the color of missing pixels, taking into account shadows and brightness. Currently, 4K content is scarce, so viewers are more likely to watch Full HD movies, and 4K AI UPSCALER technology helps bring the picture closer to the proper level.

The TV has a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the image taking into account the room lighting.

Pure surround sound is provided by a 6-channel, 10-watt dual-speaker wideband audio system and DOLBY ATMOS technology for immersive listening to even soft speech in the background.

The flagship model 55U7QF is distinguished by high functionality, it has a quad-core MSD6886 processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, a 4 GB flash drive, a set of ports and connectors, including two USB 2.0, Ethernet, three HDMI 2.0. The operating system VIDAA U4.0 is used for control.

Fans of computer games can cancel the processing of the image by the processor in a special mode and output the input data from the HDMI port directly to the screen, while the response will decrease to 20 ms or more.

The manufacturer’s recommended price for the Hisense 50U7QF TV with a 50-inch screen is 39,999 rubles, and with a 55-inch diagonal – 44,999 rubles.

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