Hitachi Vantara объединилась с Hitachi Consulting под одним брендом

Hitachi Vantara has teamed up with Hitachi Consulting under one brand

Catherine Alexandrova

Hitachi Vantara, a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., has teamed up with Hitachi Consulting. The purpose of the integration of the company was called the desire to contribute to the digital enterprises as much as possible
transformation, in creating competitive advantages, stimulating international development, as well as introducing social, environmental and economic innovations.

Yes, Hitachi Vantara will offer customers industry practices across multiple industry areas that integrate a range of consulting techniques. Implemented on the Hitachi platform
Vantara Lumada Manufacturing Insights, they will enable businesses to improve customer service, extend customization, create new business models and deliver
business sustainability. The platform enables the integration of all disparate arrays of enterprise production data and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for
assessing and improving the overall efficiency of the equipment.

The Hitachi Vantara solution suite is based on products that cover all components of the infrastructure from boundary computing to traditional processing centers and clouds.
The package also includes the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000, a new storage array. It also includes artificial intelligence solutions, analytics tools,
cloud services for application upgrades, systems integration and change management services for implementation and migration of SaaS-based ERP systems, as well as digital industrial solutions for
the Lumada platform.

Hitachi Vantara will play a key role in the implementation of the Mid-Term Organizational Plan for Hitachi Corporation for 2021. It is based on the concept of combining products and
Hitachi industry and IT expertise to create new business benefits and solve social problems.

The CEO and CEO of Hitachi Vantara will take Toshiaki Tokunaga, who has worked at Hitachi for 30 years and has made a number of successful transformations in
several business units of the corporation.

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