HomePod mini disassembly confirmed that it will not be easy to replace the speaker power cable

The recently launched Apple HomePod mini smart speaker is equipped with a USB Type-C power cable. Previously, it was suggested that the cable could be disconnected from the device and replaced with another one if necessary, but the results of disassembling the device refuted these assumptions.

One of the MacRumors forum users disassembled his HomePod mini to familiarize himself with its internals. The disassembly result did not please him, since it was discovered that the power cable of the device cannot be replaced. The basic HomePod also comes with a non-detachable cable, but you could pull it out with enough force and then plug it back in. Attempting to disconnect the power cable from the HomePod mini could result in serious damage to the device.

In the photo of the insides of the column, you can see the S5 chip and other important components. From the results of the disassembly, we can conclude that the power cable of the device should be handled as carefully as possible and, if possible, protected from pets, since you will have to contact a service center to replace it.

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