HPE decided to help customers torn between the clouds

HPE decided to help customers torn between the clouds. IT Market

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Max Wolf | 06/24/2020

HPE decided to help customers torn between the clouds

June 23 and 24 HPE announced its updated strategy directly related to the accelerated migration of customer IT infrastructure to hybrid clouds and introduced two corresponding
new realities of the solution –
HPE Greenlake and Ezmerald.

The new HPE strategy is that today’s customers are at the crossroads of digital transformation, torn between multiple clouds. One foot companies are in the public cloud, and
the other is in its own, which over time will inevitably become the infrastructure of any organization that has embarked on the path of digital transformation. Referring to IDC, HPE Analysts
rate the amount of data outside public clouds is approximately 70%. Thus, supporting several operating and business models, companies incur additional costs.

To get rid of this, HPE offers its own approach to solving this dilemma by providing customers with GreenLake cloud services in any environment of their choice – from the edge of the network to the cloud – from
a consistent operating model, as well as transparency in the management of all corporate applications and data. Wherein, unlike public cloud vendors that charge
Customers pay a fee to return data to the on-premises environment (or a competing external cloud), HPE promises not to

This also applies to backing up to the corporate cloud. HPE Cloud Volumes Backup allows
perform such operations without the need to pay for data output and regardless of the vendor, and also provides the ability to flexibly use data for recovery,
testing / development and analytics.

HPE GreenLake’s flexible “as a service” model and cost-benefit and regulatory compliance tools are designed by developers to help customers save money, control costs and
prioritize investment according to business needs.

Forming a comprehensive package of services for distributed environments, HPE included services for containers, machine learning, virtual machines, storage, computing, data protection, and networking. All
cloud services are available in a self-service catalog. To evaluate their customers can request a trial version of any service; expand single images and clusters
(the developers promise that it will take only a few clicks); and manage your cloud variety from a single console. All services can be deployed and run in the environment.
the customer.

The new HPE GreenLake cloud services consist of pre-integrated units and are available in small, medium and large configurations, provided to customers in 14 days – from the time of order
before launch. That is, partners and customers in two weeks receive pre-configured “reference” architecture and predictable pricing, which allows you to quickly start using
cloud services.

For customers who want to work in a private cloud, HPE launches HPE GreenLake cloud services for virtual machines, storage and computing. By providing images in a couple of clicks, these
easy-to-deploy services provide transparency in the use and expenditure of resources, as well as storage capacity planning through consumption analysis on a centralized platform
GreenLake Central Management.

Aruba brand solutions are not forgotten. New Services Aruba Managed
Connectivity services
now available as cloud services Greenlake, represent the industry’s first offering “network as a service”.

To accelerate the processes of digital transformation, HPE formed the Ezmeral software package (in Spanish this means transformation). HPE Promotes Software Portfolio Under New Brand
solutions that cover orchestration and container management, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (MO) and data analytics, cost control, IT automation and operations management
using AI as well as security.

Naturally, the Ezmeral Container Platform and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops will be available as cloud services through HPE GreenLake, which will further accelerate and simplify development
container applications and bring the flexibility of DevOps to the machine learning life cycle.

“By delivering consistent cloud performance everywhere with HPE GreenLake cloud services and software designed to accelerate transformation, HPE has the unique ability to
Helping customers harness the power of their data wherever they are, ”said Hewlett Packard Enterprise President and CEO Antonio Neri.

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