Huami creates a laboratory to develop a neural interface that connects the brain with a computer

Huami creates a laboratory to develop a neural interface that connects the brain with a computer

Huami, one of China’s largest manufacturers of smart watches and fitness bracelets relies on cyberpunk goes to big science. Together with scientists from the Institute of Advanced Technology of China University of Science and Technology (USTC), Huami created the “Joint Laboratory of Brain and Artificial Intelligence”.

Huami is committed to creating a new class of wearable electronics to track human brain activity and even plans to experiment with a brain-implantable interface for communicating with a computer. Huami has extensive experience in the field of intelligent wearable devices, while the company’s scientific partners, represented by university and university specialists, are ready to share knowledge in the field of brain science and artificial intelligence.

In the new laboratory, it is planned to conduct routine non-invasive and invasive (with surgical intervention) studies of the brain-computer interface, with particular attention to emotion recognition, healthy sleep, epilepsy detection, semantic brain analysis and other areas, using EEG signals as an information source (electroencephalograms )

Ultimately, Huami expects to create a new-generation portable or wearable device for tracking stress, depression, preventing epilepsy, and other brain analysis applications in general. One of the first most valuable practical applications of the future device should be a solution for the detection and prediction of cases of epilepsy. As for the surgically implanted interfaces in the living brain, the laboratory will conduct experiments on animals. We are not talking about working with people yet. In this, the first promises to be Ilon Musk and his company Neuralink.

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