Huami will soon unveil a proprietary third-generation AI chip for wearable devices

The Chinese company Huami is known for its wearable devices under the Amazfit brand, as well as for its Mi Band fitness trackers commissioned by Xiaomi. In addition, the company is developing chips for wearable devices with artificial intelligence capabilities. Huami CEO announced today that the company will soon introduce the third-generation chip for Huangshan 3 wearable devices.

The company released its first chip for wearable devices called Huangshan 1 in 2018. It was an open source RISC processor equipped with four basic AI modules for measuring heart rate, an advanced ECG module and a module for monitoring heart rhythm disorders. A year and a half later, in July 2020, the company released the successor Huangshan 1. The new chip is seven times faster in detecting heart rhythm disorders, so users can see a doctor in time and avoid a stroke. In addition, the new chip features a blood oxygen saturation tracking system and advanced sleep tracking capabilities.

It is not yet known what innovations the company will make to the third-generation chip, but it can be assumed that the changes will again affect the performance of the NPU and the expansion of the instruction set, which will help make the chipset even more productive. It is worth noting that this year, Huami-owned Amazfit will unveil several new smartwatch models, which will likely already be equipped with the Huangshan 3.

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