Huawei AppGallery has updated user interface

Huawei AppGallery has updated user interface

Huawei has released an update to its AppGallery digital content store. It brings with it a number of UI changes as well as a new layout for the controls.

The main innovation is the appearance of additional elements on the panel located at the bottom of the workspace. Now there are tabs “Favorites”, “Applications”, “Games” and “Mine”. Thus, the previously used “Categories” and “Top” tabs have been replaced by “Applications” and “Games”. By going to one of the above-mentioned sections, the user can use filters to sort applications and games by genre and other criteria.

The Manager tab, which was previously used to install applications and check for updates, has been completely removed. The app management section has moved to the profile, and some options such as gifts, awards and comments are now displayed as icons above the update section. In addition, minor changes have been made to the appearance of the icons used in the application. The distribution of the update for AppGallery has just started, so it may not be available to all users at this time.

Recall that the AppGallery platform is a branded digital content store for the Chinese company Huawei. AppGallery is installed on all Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets. According to the Chinese company, AppGallery is currently the third most popular mobile platform in the world, with a monthly user audience of over 400 million people.

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