Huawei may be the first to release a smartphone with a sub-screen front camera

The last couple of years, smartphone manufacturers have been working to make the front panel of manufactured devices as efficient as possible, reducing the frame around the display, coming up with new types of cutouts in the display for the front camera or even making it extendable. It is expected that this year we will see smartphones whose front camera will be located directly below the screen.

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A number of smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Samsung are working on the implementation of the on-screen camera. A fresh leak reports that Huawei may be the first to introduce a smartphone with a sub-screen front camera, which will be completely invisible in inactive mode. According to available data, in the area of ​​the photomodule location a special type of glass will be used, which has a low reflection coefficient and a fairly high light transmittance. When the camera is activated, the glass can become completely transparent, the rest of the time the picture on the screen will be displayed on top of it.

Previous leaks reported that the first devices with sub-screen front cameras will appear in the second half of this year. This roughly coincides with the start of sales of the upcoming flagship Huawei Mate 40, which is expected to be presented in October.

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