Huawei patented technology to remove scratches from smartphone screens

Huawei patented technology to remove scratches from smartphone screens

According to online sources, Huawei has received a patent from the National Intellectual Property Office of China for a technology to remove scratches from glass surfaces. This is a patent called “Method and equipment for removing scratches from glass”, which was approved on December 22, 2020.

The accompanying documentation describes how to repair scratched glass located on the front or back of your smartphone. A special device is used to detect scratches on the glass. Scratches on the front surface are pre-treated with an alcohol solution, and on the back with an ultrasonic cleaner.

After cleaning, a special mixture is prepared, consisting of acrylic, epoxy resin and various additives. Using a transparent film, the mixture is applied to the damaged surface, and ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 320-420 nm is used to harden it. After the hardened repair solution has filled the scratches, all that remains is to remove the transparent film from the glass surface.

It should be noted that the registration of a patent for the technology of removing scratches from glass surfaces does not mean that Huawei will use it in practice. Therefore, it is now impossible to assess how effective this method of removing scratches is.

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