humanity virus

humanity virus

Marianne Creel

The black screen lit up and a smiling figure appeared on it. “Dear friends,” a voice sounded from the screens, “I congratulate you on the end of another decade, and traditionally in January we will summarize
results of the previous period! As you may recall, twenty years ago we took the initiative to solve the problems of humans on the planet in a non-geographical cross-platform format through digitization and
modern technology. The leaders of the countries gathered for a meeting on the global fight against poverty through technology.

The fed up of the hungry does not understand, so let’s make everyone full …

They calculated the supplies and needs for food, divided the fresh water reserves by the number of inhabitants of the planet, who drink two liters a day and were horrified that the fresh water ran out at the time of calculations. we
conducted an analysis of a huge lake of data on the actual consumption of water in various household and industrial processes (washing, cooking, sewerage, space heating) taking into account geography, culture, level
the abundance, the number of children, dogs and millimeters of rain per year, have developed alternative technology plans to save water and are pleased to announce that today the program has been successfully completed!
Fresh water is not used anywhere else except drinking! All the rivers and bodies of water on the planet are debris-free, and we monitor in real time the levels of temperature, cleanliness, pollution,
the number of fish and its variety of species!

Completely defeated crime and especially poaching. As you know, 20 years ago some European countries used drones to search for lost people.
We have expanded this technology. Our databases contain all information about energy fields of aggressive people, as well as information on the location of animals, humans, employees performing their
professional responsibilities. An unmanned aircraft in flight scans the space and, when an aggressive energy information field is detected, transmits a signal to the nearest post and also
shot-injection with a sleeping pill, which provides the inactivity of an aggressive target until police arrive. As you may recall, the project was difficult at first because all the drone radar was over
cities were constantly throbbing red and the level of aggression in the culture was off the charts, but those times have passed, congratulations!

In twenty years, we have also completely eliminated the gaps between cities and remote settlements. The works paved the way there, engaged in regular delivery of products and necessary goods.
100% of our planet is covered by cellular communications. Diplomats and top officials from different countries are constantly chatting, complaining about their numbers, but solving problems without wars. This year is the last country
has been reworked, and by mutual agreement, all military conflicts are resolved in online games if they have already gone beyond the negotiating table.

Many of you were afraid of losing personal space and privacy, and this problem was also resolved! With full access to your phones and digital life, communication within the family is personal and analysis
not undertaken unless it goes beyond peace. When making medical diagnoses, we came to the level of combination of personal approach and analysis of the whole history by similar parameters, so
medical service history of treatment of the inhabitants of the entire planet is almost instantaneously available. Diseases have become rare, mainly prevention. And we congratulate our longevity, 209 years, yes

Implementation of a global revenue and expense monitoring system was not easy. Here we are faced with maximum resistance, not without losses.

Freedom, equality and brotherhood are at a new level

Now one hundred percent openness and transparency have led to the fact that self-interest is outdated and tectonic redistribution of material goods has occurred. As a result, income levels are graded
and leveled across the globe, finally there is no division into rich and poor, and all the profits come to the planetary fund and are distributed based on the care of the planet and people with an open model
decision-making (people vote for their most important areas of investment). Digital transformation of the economy has pushed the start of the dialogue of business structures: only 10 years ago were
agreements were reached to revise the values ​​that underpin teamwork, and as a result, a transition from competition to partnership. The last adept of wild capitalism has collapsed,
but gained worldwide popularity as the best gardener on our planet! For our part, we encourage the synergy of many different types of businesses.

Basic education is accessible to all regardless of geography and availability of money. Our biggest breakthrough in this area is the abandonment of discipline in favor of interactivity and direct cognition
world through play. Talented children from childhood mark and inspire to develop in the direction chosen by them. Hybrids of different disciplines and practicality are encouraged. mentoring has become
natural social phenomenon and no longer scares anyone.

Work and study are intertwined in a natural way. The workflows of companies have been restructured so that they can work anywhere in the world by applying for a relocation. Most often, the system itself offers
rotation of those who are predicted to ask for it soon, offering options based on the culture and different characteristics of each team.

With digital life, we have finally abolished visas and borders between countries, relocated the permafrost to a more sunny and livable space, solving work challenges in
areas not suitable for comfortable living, only by robots. All the time people are devoted to creativity, unity with nature, restoration of species lost in previous centuries!
Today we are celebrating the day when, from the analysis of our planetary data, the level of humanity in 99.9% of the population exceeded 90% … ”- and then the alarm sounded and I woke up.

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IT-Manager Magazine [№ 01/2020],

Marianne Creel

Marianne Creel

Head. Consultant. Coach. Executive coach.
Ex-expert of the working group of the Project Management School at Rosatom Group

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