Humankind Civ Strategy Coming April 2021

Humankind Civ Strategy Coming April 2021

Amplitude Studios and SEGA have released a new trailer for Humankind, a turn-based strategy game inspired by the Civilization series. In it, the developers announced the month of the game’s release: it will be released in April 2021 on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and on Google Stadia. But the exact launch date has not yet been indicated by the creators.

A fresh video demonstrates the movement of units on the global map and reveals the main features of the project. The video also contains quotes from the Humankind previews from Western industry publications.

In parallel with the publication of the trailer, pre-orders for the strategy were opened. However, now you can only buy the more expensive Deluxe Edition. It includes additional content in the form of a poster, digital soundtrack and the Notre Dame Pack, which includes the landmark of the same name and in-game events associated with it. And for the purchase of Humankind before the release, there are separate bonuses: an avatar and cosmetic items for the player’s profile. The standard edition of the strategy will be available on the day of release.

Recall: in Humankind, users lead the selected tribe, develop it and lead it through different historical eras. By combining various cultural elements, players can create their own civilization.

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