Hyundai H-LED32R402BS2: Real TV

Hyundai H-LED32R402BS2: Real TV

Sergey Gritsachuk

Against the background of the desire of people to use high-tech solutions, the position of TV manufacturers is quite clear – to saturate the market with “smart” devices for every taste. So no wonder
that on the market prevails SmartTV of all conceivable modifications, running a variety of operating systems, including Android and also able to accept any type of input
signal without additional devices – from archaic ATB to satellite DVB-S2 / S and network IPTV. It would seem that there is more to be desired? Nevertheless, some users find super-modern models
redundant and complain about the impossibility to buy “the most ordinary TV without technical bumps”.

Indeed, advanced smart features are not always in demand, and the television set is noticeably more expensive. Even in a country house or dacha where the Internet is restricted
volume or none at all, a simple TV would be the best choice. He will find a place in offices and businesses, in short, wherever it is sufficient to broadcast or serve television
a display device for external sources – media player, game console or computer.

Based on this, you can formulate a basic set of requirements for a “simple” TV: it must have a diagonal of at least 30 inches, its matrix – to support the display in resolution not lower than
FullHD and wall mounting required. Support of all types of input signal: analogue (for those regions where ATB is still broadcast), digital is highly desirable
terrestrial DVB-T2 / T (mainly for suburban situations), cable DVB-C (for multi-family townhouses and offices) and satellite DVB-S2 / S (for general use).

In the presence of a satellite receiver, it is important to have a Common Interface (CI / CI +) slot in which you can insert an operator card to receive coded (paid) channels.
more features welcome USB connector for playing photos, videos and music from external storage, as well as being able to connect to a PC or
laptop to work as a monitor. And with the help of not only modern HDMI, but also the widespread (though outdated) VGA (D-SUB 15): probably many in the country stands
old, computer, well suited for easy surfing or good old games.


Too complicated a request, would you say? As it turned out in the search process, not at all .. And we will not talk about Chinese non-brand brands, but about the brand Hyundai H-LED32R402BS2, about which the vendor itself is not particularly spread. And really TV is like TV, what is there to talk about? But modesty in
In this case, it is absolutely irrelevant, because it is truly universal and has virtually all the features we have mentioned above.


So, the display is made on a 32-inch (81 cm) diagonal matrix, with 176 ° viewing angles in all directions (which means it will look comfortable collectively) and WXGA resolution (1366 × 768) –
Not FullHD, of course, but the best choice for watching TV. However, when connecting a PC, support for resolution up to 1920 × 1080 is claimed, and among TVs it is HD READY (720p, up to 1080p). backlight
dynamic matrix, LED (DLED), providing a screen brightness of 200 cd / m2 and a contrast of 3500: 1. The refresh rate is 60 Hz and the response time is 6.5 ms, allowing you to comfortably
Play Games.


Structurally, the TV is made in a classic black plastic housing, the size of which with the stand is 731 × 482,8 × 201,7 mm. Standard wall mounts are provided for wall mounting
VESA brackets. The distance between the mounting points forms a square with a side of 200 mm. The weight of the device does not exceed 4.3 kg, which allows to use standard bracket systems and insurance.
The stand is not adjustable, made in the form of two legs located on the corners of the TV, which also provides sufficient stability.


The back and side panels have connectors to connect the necessary signal sources. These include two antennas (for terrestrial / cable TV and satellite), composite
video connector, three HDMI connectors and one D-Sub 15. For stereo audio, stereo jack, headphone jack and coaxial digital S / PDIF are implemented. An external drive is possible
connect via an existing USB port and the CI / CI + card into a PCMCIA socket. Thus, the device is fully versatile and can be used in any conditions.


The TV supports most modern video and audio formats, including MPEG4, H.264 and AAS. Of course, the built-in DMP player is not universal, so it is for the user
will have to carefully monitor whether the device will be able to play back the recorded content and, if necessary, timely transcode. With photos if they are saved to
JPG, PNG or BMP containers, most likely there will be no problem – restrictions are imposed solely on the image size in pixels, which is reflected in a special guide table

The Hyundai H-LED32R402BS2 is a virtually ideal choice in situations where a conventional device for visualization of information not equipped with SmartTV features is required. In our review, only the data about
therefore, as the model may be involved in the domestic segment, however, it is equally capable of serving as a display for on-premises CCTV systems as a demonstration screen
commercials and commercials and as part of an information system (scoreboard) for transport structures. In short, a versatile device, without excessive research, which in addition
is characterized by a low price – about 10,000 rubles.

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USB Media Support
Availability of VGA port

Smooth glossy finish

10,000 rubles

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