DOOM Eternal на idTech 7

Id Tech will help select Xbox studios to realize their vision

Microsoft intends to use the id Tech engine in future Xbox projects. This was announced by the head of the gaming division Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) at a conference with employees of Bethesda Softworks.

DOOM Eternal at idTech 7

DOOM Eternal at idTech 7

According to Spencer, The Coalition and 343 Industries (since they develop third-person and first-person shooters, respectively) are “Amazing” the opportunity to cooperate with id Software and contact the studio on various issues. The latter, we recall, is the developer of the DOOM and RAGE series.

“We didn’t talk much about the future of id Tech and the fact that [покупка id Software] could mean for xboxSpencer said. – We have tons of studios doing tons of different jobs. I love Marty Stratton’s story of how they worked with Bethesda on id Tech, and I just think about it on a new level. For example, what can we do internally within our organization with id Tech, one of the best game engines in the world, is to make it a tool that so many developers can use to realize their vision. “

DOOM Eternal at idTech 7

DOOM Eternal at id Tech 7

It is unlikely that 343 Industries will use id Tech in the future – the studio only released its own engine called SlipSpace 2.5 years ago, on which Halo Infinite is being developed. But the transition of The Coalition to id Tech makes more sense: the authors of the Gears series use the Unreal Engine, which means that Microsoft has to pay Epic Games for it. Of course, the corporation would prefer not to do this if possible.

However, do not forget that the first The Evil Within – a third-person horror movie – works on the id Tech 5 engine, so we cannot exclude the production of projects of other genres on it.

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