implementation of VMware SD-WAN solution, O2O Holding completed SAP ERP implementation.


Gennady Belash | 12/26/2020


NLMK Group implements VMware SD-WAN solution at 36 of its enterprises

Two IT specialists are enough to maintain it, while they only need 20% of the working time. According to experts, VMware SD-WAN provides complete information about what is happening
anywhere in the network, thanks to which the information security service can quickly block unauthorized data exchange between enterprises and branches.

Russian company Integro Technologies and developer of the UiPath platform

announced the beginning of cooperation. As part of the partnership, the integrator will offer the market solutions in the field of process analytics (Process Mining) and automation of robotic processes (Robotic
Process Automation).

O2O Holding (JV Group and Sberbank) has completed the implementation of SAP ERP

in the parent company and two of its assets – Citymobil and Delivery Club. The new system will centralize and unify key financial functions, payroll and HR processes. IN
the system is planned to be circulated to other enterprises of the holding in the future.

The head of the LANIT Group of Companies became the sole owner of the Consist Business Group

Philippe Gens increased his stake to 100% in the authorized capital of Consist LLC, the parent company of Consist Business Group consulting group.

The structures of GK LANIT and GKS (JSC Systematika Group) have jointly owned equal shares of Consist Business Group for more than five years. During this time, the transformation of her business was carried out: in addition to the classic
In the areas of consulting and service services, an independent vendor of domestic software, TURBO, has appeared within the company’s perimeter. The results of this process became a prerequisite for the consolidation of an asset in
LANIT group and coincided with its global strategy. GKS focuses on the development of a stack of products and solutions developed by the companies.

The project “Polyclinic without a registry” was launched in Yakutia

Instead of the usual stand, it will house 15 electronic devices for making appointments with a doctor. Patient coordination will be done by specially trained administrators. Presently
the solution is being tested and personnel is being trained.

The introduction of the new system will eliminate the congestion of visitors on the first floor of the institution and minimize contacts.

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