In Moscow, 1,300 digital diagnostic devices were connected into a single digital network

In Moscow, 1,300 digital diagnostic devices were connected into a single digital network

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 01/14/2021

In Moscow, 1,300 digital diagnostic devices have been combined into a single digital network: computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging devices, mammographs, densitometers, and X-ray
complexes, fluorographs and angiographs. Now they are connected to the Unified Radiological Information Service (ERIS) of the UMIAS.

Radiologists with access to the service can remotely describe medical images in accordance with their specialization, and ready-made doctors’ reports are automatically uploaded to
electronic medical record of the patient.

The patient receives a description of his examination in the electronic medical record on and in the UMIAS.INFO mobile application immediately after the radiologist finishes filling out the protocol.
A personal digital archive of each patient’s data is also stored in ERIS: doctors can refer to it to track the dynamics of changes.

The process of connecting digital equipment in Moscow polyclinics and hospitals has been completed: in 2019–2020. the service circuit included more than 1300 devices, most of which are
X-ray machines are over 580 units. Diagnostic equipment in city hospitals makes up 51% of the total installed equipment and includes, in particular, angiographs,
necessary for intravascular diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations.

“Combining diagnostic devices into a single network improves the quality of radiation diagnostics and makes it more accessible to city residents. All necessary procedures, from mammography to
CT examinations can be done at your local clinic. You do not need to go to the other end of the city if you need a narrow specialist who can perform an expert description of a difficult case:
all medical images uploaded to ERIS are available to experts of the Moscow Reference Center for Radiation Diagnostics – leading radiologists, candidates and doctors of medical sciences, members
international associations. The creation of the Moscow Reference Center is another step that is ahead of world practice: it is the first teleradiological center organized in the system
state health care “, – said Director of the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine Sergey Morozov

The development of a unified radiological information service began in 2014 with the support of the Moscow Government on the basis of the Diagnostic and Telemedicine Center. Now the service is loaded daily
up to 25 thousand radiation studies, which are performed in Moscow.

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