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In Russia, drivers of electric scooters with power up to 250 W will be considered pedestrians

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia explained the rules for managing electric scooters, gyro scooters and unicycle, as well as the degree of responsibility of the drivers of these individual vehicles. These rules have not yet entered into force, but will appear after the adoption of amendments to the traffic rules. The limit for the status of the owner of an electric scooter will be the engine power of 250 W, up to which he will be considered a pedestrian, and after which he will be a vehicle driver.

According to the Kommersant edition, drivers of electric scooters with a capacity of over 250 W will have to get a license with category M (mopeds). This also means that a person at least 16 years old will be able to drive such vehicles. In the event of an accident involving an electric scooter with an engine of more than 250 W, the driver may be subject to the sanctions provided for by Chapter 12 of the Administrative Code for ordinary drivers. Also, in accordance with article 27.13 of the code, an electric scooter can be transported to an impoundment parking lot with all the consequences.

The power of 250 W, we note, is not such a big border and it is exceeded by many flagship models of electric scooters. For example, the new model Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 has a power of 300W. After the adoption of amendments to the traffic rules, driving such an electric scooter will require rights, and you will also have to monitor the traffic situation with greater responsibility and attention. After all, the fines will no longer be for a pedestrian, with a maximum mark of 1,500 rubles, but much, much higher.

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