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In the desktop version, AMD Renoir will be able to offer support for PCI Express x16 for the video card

Every day comes the anticipated announcement of desktop versions of AMD Renoir hybrid processors. Researchers of the crystal photos of these processors have made the assumption that instead of PCI Express x8, they can use the full PCI Express x16 interface to communicate with the video card.

Image Source: Twitter, Nemez

Image Source: Twitter, Nemez

For a couple of years, AMD hybrid processors have been offering PCI Express 3.0 x8 interface to communicate with a discrete graphics card. In the mobile segment, this allows us to slightly reduce the level of energy consumption, and this limitation has not caused a significant amount of negative emotions for the target consumer audience.

An enthusiast known for his research on the layout of microprocessor technology Nemez From the pages of Twitter, he said that on a recently published companion image of the AMD Renoir hybrid processor chip, he saw enough PCI Express 3.0 channels to implement data exchange with the video card using the PCI Express x16 interface. In any case, except for the four PCI Express 3.0 lines reserved for the needs of SATA, functional blocks are visible on the chip that provide support for another twenty PCI Express 3.0 lines.

Four lines will be used for communication with a set of system logic, and the remaining sixteen can be allocated for the needs of data exchange with a video card. It is possible that in the desktop version of Renoir, this change will somehow manifest itself on the best side, although AMD representatives have repeatedly noted that in typical configurations based on hybrid processors, the PCI Express 3.0 x8 bandwidth is enough to work with discrete graphics.

So far we have to speak about the availability of appropriate technical capabilities only at the level of assumptions, but after the announcement, the secret will inevitably become apparent. Renoir processors do not support PCI Express 4.0, but motherboard manufacturers already claim PCI Express 3.0 x16 support for them, which indirectly confirms the above assumptions.

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