In the USA, Burger King launched a PR company based on a Tesla autopilot bug

In the USA, Burger King launched a PR company based on a Tesla autopilot bug

In the USA, owners of Tesla cars after a recent update of the autopilot program, to which the automaker added the control function at traffic lights and stop signs, noticed an interesting feature in the operation of their electric cars. As it turned out, in autopilot mode, a car can confuse Burger King signs with stop signs, which was quickly used by a fast-food company and launched an entire advertising campaign.

In April, Tesla released an autopilot update with the ability to detect and stop vehicles at traffic lights and stop signs “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control”. However, this function of automatically controlling the behavior of the car on the road is still in beta and does not always work as intended.

The Burger King network seems to have learned that the new Tesla autopilot feature can sometimes confuse a restaurant sign with a stop sign, thereby causing the car to slow down and stop near it. And the marketing department of the network arranged an entire advertising campaign from Tesla Model 3 from this feature of the software.

The fast food chain caught this trend in just one day, urging Tesla car owners to post relevant photos and videos on social networks. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the fact that this artificial intelligence wants to stay at Burger King. Each participant in the advertising company could receive a code for a free burger.

Several Tesla owners did indeed tweet photos taken next to Burger King, but none of them actually recreated the autopilot error that inspired this campaign.

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