indoor electric moped / Smart things

indoor electric moped / Smart things

Electric transport is developing at a rapid pace, albeit in a slightly unexpected direction. Even ten years ago, we were waiting for the appearance of completely new formats and the progress of the recently appeared gyroscooters, gyrocycles, unicycle. But gyroscopic vehicles remained in the niche of recreational activities for tourists and children’s toys – few were taken seriously. But a lot of things happen with scooters and bicycles. And also at the junction of the classes of bicycles and mopeds – we will talk about an example of such a device in this material.

The idea of ​​making a truly compact moped that can be stored even in a city apartment – like a bicycle – and equipping it with an electric motor is nothing particularly new. But in order to somehow interestingly develop this idea, you still need to try. Hiper did its best by introducing the Engine BS262: steel frame, drum brakes on both 14-inch wheels, powerful 400-watt electric motor, pedal-powered option and two seats at once. It seems that we have here a contender for the title of optimal urban transport. There are, however, a few.

Hiper Engine BS262
Design Not foldable
Frame material Steel
Engine power 400 watts
Maximum speed 25 km / h
Battery 576 Wh (12,000 mAh, 48 V)
Declared cruising range 30 km
Maximum rider weight 150 Kg
Depreciation Front and rear (double suspension shock absorbers)
Brake Front and rear drum brakes
Shine Front and rear lights
Wheel size 14 inch
Wheels Alloy wheels
Maximum charging time 8 ocloc’k
Weight 70 kg
Price 55,990 rubles

⇡ #Design and construction

Hiper Engine BS262 is sold in packaging, which is somewhat amazing – imagine the process of unpacking a full-fledged motor vehicle itself. And here it is in the order of things – the gross weight is about 70 kilograms, so you have to strain a little to get the moped into the light. There is no need to assemble it seriously – as much as possible, install the steering column in place and fix it with the included key for Euro screws. Well, remove the packaging film, and then put the device on charge.

The Hiper Engine BS262 has a very impressive charger – with a plug in the manner of those we see in computer power supplies, with a powerful indication diode and a full-fledged fan. It takes a lot of effort to charge the 48V 576Whr battery. A full charge takes nine hours. The cable is quite long, but non-removable, unfortunately, it will not work to replace it with an even longer one, in order, for example, to charge a moped on the balcony (you never know what), where there is no outlet.

Structurally, the Hiper Engine BS262 resembles a scooter – a cast steel frame does not fold, there is a plastic driver’s footrest and an unregulated rear seat with metal footrests for the passenger. The moped weighs very solidly – about 70 kg, but it also withstands riders with a total weight of 150 kg without the slightest problem. Two people of average weight can move freely on it.

Both the front and rear 14-inch wheels are equipped with both double-suspension shock absorbers and drum brakes. Front shock absorber – oil, rear – spring.

The design is classic, no frills. Black body, neat design. It may resemble the electric transport of couriers that flooded the large cities of Russia, but some details are still given in the Hiper Engine BS262 by a moped for personal (or family) use: first of all, a basket in front of the steering wheel and a second seat with a small back. There are no complaints about the build quality.

The battery is located in a shroud under the passenger seat. On the left, closer to the rear wing, there is a power supply connector covered with a plastic cover. The battery is removable – if desired, it can be removed and charged separately. Most of the wires are hidden and routed inside the body of the moped, only the cables leading to the steering column are brought to the surface – they are collected in brackets and do not cause concern.

There is only one keyhole in the Hiper Engine BS262 – it is located on the steering column. They did not make a double system, as in the BF205: you turn one key and you go. In the center of the steering column there is a large color screen where information about the current battery charge is displayed.

In front of the steering wheel there is a luggage rack made of metal mesh with a cover – small but very convenient. A medium sized backpack or grocery bag will fit easily. There is also a second storage compartment – a plastic open “glove compartment” at the bottom of the steering column, at the driver’s feet.

The large LED headlight is also located on the steering column, it is virtually merged with the information screen. At the back is a red light next to the reflector. Hiper Engine BS262 does not have turn signals, but there are additional yellow reflectors on the front fork.

The steering wheel is straight, with rubber anatomical handles: on each handle there is a brake lever, the right handle is responsible for acceleration, near the left there is a sound signal button. The headlight is turned on by turning the key in the “ignition”. The electric motor is located in the rear wheel hub.

Both the pedal bars and the pedals themselves are removable here – if you wish, you can even remove them in the same “glove compartment”.

The saddle is large, medium firm, covered with black artificial leather, adjustable both in height and slope. The passenger seat is not adjustable.

The kickstand is very interesting here – it is a large structure made of polished metal, which leans back if you slide the pedal located on it. When unfolded, it slightly raises the rear of the moped, thereby making it impossible for it to take off, even if you forgot to turn off the power and accidentally hit the accelerator. But what about setting a moped on a footboard, that removing it requires physical strength: the apparatus must be lifted – and then the operation with a footboard must be carried out. Since the Hiper Engine BS262 weighs more than half a centner, this is not the most trivial task. An ordinary girl, for example, can hardly cope with it. And a man without outside help will have a difficult time – at least at first, when the movements are not yet verified.

⇡ #In work

The creators of the Hiper Engine BS262 themselves find it difficult to accurately describe what they really consider this type of transport, describing it as an “electric moped” and as an “electric bike”. In my opinion, it is nevertheless closer to the moped – the construction is cast, the device does not fold, unlike the recently tested Hiper Engine BF205, there are chain and removable pedals, but there is no gear shifting, as is not provided for my favorite mode ” help ”where the motor turns on when you pedal. Either you “gas”, or pedal, if the battery runs out, there is no third choice.

The electric motor has no operating modes as such – turn on the power and turn the accelerator, no subtleties. The moped, despite its solid weight, has good dynamics – the motor is quite powerful here (400 W). Even two people (total weight – about 130 kg) can ride the Hiper Engine BS262, if not with a breeze, then at a normal pace. The declared maximum speed is 25 km / h. The real one is slightly lower – I managed to accelerate to a maximum of 22 km / h on a flat road. Under heavy load (two people) the maximum speed was 20 km / h. There is enough thrust for the motor to climb a mountain with one rider, but to pull out two with a more or less serious slope Hiper Engine BS262 cannot.

I would like to note an important plus of the Hiper Engine BS262, which is especially striking against the background of the past e-bike tested by 3DNews – there are quite working fenders here. The combination of full-size fenders and small wheels means that you can ride a moped even after rain – without fear of a completely wet or dirty back. The Hiper Engine BS262 was tested in the suburbs on not very flat roads – both in terms of ride comfort and ease of landing and control, there were no questions to the moped.

The built-in headlight is of medium power, but it is more or less enough for driving at night, you do not move blindly.

A single charge of a 576 Wh (12,000 mAh, 48 V) lead-acid gel battery should last approximately 30 km. That is, plus or minus “to work and back”, with possible recharging on the spot. In practice, the mileage may differ depending on the weight (if you ride a moped together, the distance is reduced to about 20 km), speed, pace, and so on. In any case, the Hiper Engine BS262 is not designed for long journeys. This is city transport.

The battery is fully charged in 8 hours – a complete 100 W charger is used for this. An indicator on the charger indicates whether the bike is charged or not.

The manufacturer does not indicate any standard of splash or moisture protection in the characteristics, but the structure looks sufficiently protected from not too harsh, but still changeable weather conditions. I couldn’t check how the Hiper Engine BS262 behaves in the rain – there was no rain at the right moments.

⇡ #Conclusion

Hiper Engine BS262 frightens with its weight and the word “moped” in the description – it seems that this heavy (undoubtedly, it is) transport in the manner of a Segway will require some special conditions: a country garage or at least a special closet in the back of an apartment building. This is not so – not a foldable, but still a compact vehicle fits well into the conditions of an ordinary apartment. You may not hang it on the wall, but you can drive it onto the balcony, for example, without any problems. It adds practicality and the ability to take a passenger with you – roughly speaking, instead of two bicycles for two, you take one, albeit weighing half a centner.

The performance of the Hiper Engine BS262 is very worthy: a solid structure, shock absorbers both front and rear, reliable drum brakes, a trunk, the ability to “tighten” the mileage using the pedals (even if it will be difficult – the weight affects), a headlight in front and a signal in the back. The dynamics are not high, but the unit copes with the duties of “transporting from point A to point B”. The cost of this electric moped is even a little surprising: 56 thousand for it is a very good deal.

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