Information security (12/16/2019 - 01/15/2020)

Information security (12/16/2019 – 01/15/2020)

Gennady Belash

ESET and MTS are launching a subscription

on antivirus ESET NOD32 Internet Security, ESET NOD32 Parental Control and ESET NOD32
Mobile Security
. The purpose of the collaboration is to make the Internet safer for each user.

State IP Resource Management

medical organizations of the Tyumen region, created on the basis of software products of the line “1C: Medicine” and the protected software complex “1C: Enterprise 8.3z”, passed the FSTEC certification and
recognized in accordance with the requirements of FZ-152 “On personal data” on information security.

The system is a component of the GIS “Regional Segment of the Unified State IP in Healthcare”, has a 2nd class and a 2nd level of security.

Informzahist became a partner of Garland Technology

and offers its customers a range of Vendor products, including Network Data Couplers (TAPs), Adapted Network Package Brokers (NPBs), and cloud-based visualization solutions
to providers.

Intelligent Security Group reports that

that its product – the IT platform Security Vision – has received the FSTEC certificate as fully compliant with the requirements of regulatory acts of the Russian Federation (in particular, on the 4th level of absence control)
declared capabilities).

“Aladdin RD” and GroupIB released

a common solution for protecting remote banking systems. JC-WebClient application by Aladdin RD, designed for rigorous authentication and enhanced qualified
electronic signature is installed on the user’s PC and collects data about the device. And the Group-IB Secure Bank online fraud prevention proactive system works on the bank’s side:
identifies customer devices in online and mobile channels, analyzes user behavior and detects web injections, malware and unauthorized access.

Free utility ESET against BlueKeep

BlueKeep exploits and brute force attacks are implemented through direct Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections and allow malicious actions,
using the victim’s server. A major danger of BlueKeep’s vulnerability is that attacks using it can spread automatically across the network without any user intervention.

Citrix software vulnerability is critical for 80,000 companies

When exploited, the attacker gets direct access to the local area network from the Internet. Such an attack does not require access to the accounts, so anyone can execute it
external offender.


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