Information security (16.07 - 15.08.2020)

Information security (16.07 – 15.08.2020)

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Gennady Belash

Information security (16.07 - 15.08.2020)

GK InfoWatch has released a new version of the product InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 7.0.

to control information flows and prevent leaks of confidential data. The functionality of the updated solution has been expanded with the InfoWatch Prediction predictive analytics tool to identify anomalies and suspicious patterns of employee behavior.

Softline has modernized the information security system in the Stavropol administration building.

For the implementation of the project, solutions were chosen, developed by the companies “Infotecs” and “Security Code”. The advanced system has already passed the certification for compliance with all requirements
regulator. Now during the year Softline experts will deal with its complex technical maintenance and repair.

Kaspersky Lab has increased its share in the capital of MyOffice by 17.5%

MyOffice, a Russian manufacturer of software for collaboration with documents and communication, announces changes in the composition of shareholders of New Cloud Technologies LLC. “Laboratory
Kaspersky “increases its stake in the capital of MyOffice by 17.5%, thereby increasing its stake to 47%. The deal was a continuation of the strategy of Kaspersky Lab to diversify its business and
investments in promising IT areas.

Softline launches a new service “Basic Infrastructure Security Analysis”

It is now possible to check how protected the company is with the help of the new Softline service, even in conditions of cost optimization and limited budgets.

As part of this package of services, Softline specialists and specialists from the Infosecurity group will check the equipment, working machines and information channels through which the
customer, as well as internal and external perimeters, including servers accessible via the Internet. Upon completion of the analysis, a report will be generated with a complete list of vulnerabilities found and recommendations
to eliminate them.

Information Security

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