Information security (16.11 - 15.12.2019)

Information security (16.11 – 15.12.2019)

Gennady Belash

GC Astra Linux, A leading developer of the Russian OS market,

informed about the passing of inspection control by the version of “Baum” PTK SRC (Troposphere project based on Astra Linux Special Edition certified OS) for compliance with safety requirements
information of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and obtaining a certificate for the second level of control of the lack of declared capabilities.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. released the Global Threat Index –

October’s most active threat report. For the first time in two years, cryptomineers are not among the world’s top malware – their impact on organizations has decreased by 70% compared to the past

It is interesting that the situation in Russia is different from the world: cryptominer Cryptoloot, which touches 15% of companies, still occupies the first place in the Russian rating.

Roskomnadzor officially stated

that all cases listed in the “Information Resources List” repeatedly provide false information “( refer to user comments. There is no claim to the media itself
The Prosecutor General’s Office or the Roskomnadzor do not. In order to eliminate further misinterpretations of this registry, its form will be changed in the near future.

BI.ZONE will check the security of telecommunication operators and banks

Oschadbank’s Daughter Launches, on the Basis of its Own Laboratory, Load Testing and Analysis of Security Means of Service for Cybersecurity Research and Training
corporate network to cyberattacks. As part of outsourcing, experts analyze the response of customer systems to cyber-IDs and identify bottlenecks in IT infrastructure.

Group-IB warned of breaking messengers via SMS

The attack began with a Telegram user receiving a message from an official messenger service channel with a verification code that he did not invite. After that on the smartphone
the victim was sent an SMS with an activation code, and almost immediately into the Telegram service channel came a message that the account was logged in from new device.

McAfee has introduced an updated version

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Azure. This solution will help you implement the Shift Left approach and eliminate regulatory compliance and risks early on.
cloud infrastructure. The McAfee MVISION Cloud connection will allow you to implement security early on in the DevOps process. Specialists will be able to detect imperfect configurations before
they will be a threat to production.


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