Innopolis will support small and medium-sized ICT businesses

Innopolis will support small and medium-sized ICT businesses

Natalia Solovyova

Russian science city Innopolis intends to introduce tax preferences for Small and Medium Business IT Companies. Such a statement was made by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Roman
Shaykhutdinov did, summing up the end of 2019.
The full list of preferences of the authorities of the republic will be made public after the bill is submitted to the State Council of the region.

Today, 85 resident companies and 13 partner companies are developing projects in the Innopolis special economic zone. The total population of Innopolis exceeded 4.4 thousand people.
In 2019, the number of legal entities in Innopolis increased by 35% to reach 282. The average salary in the IT-city was 90 thousand rubles.

In the past year, the small and medium-sized businesses have been actively developing in the science sector. According to Roman Shaykhutdinov, interesting projects have come to the city, the volume of investments during the first 10 months
year increased by 7.2 billion rubles. and reached 12.8 billion rubles.

In the coming 2020 year, Innopolis authorities intend to support the further development of the SMB segment in the IT sphere. Yes, in the near future new tax preferences will be granted
for ICT companies operating in the ICT sector. As the Vice Prime Minister of RT commented in the media, they will be addressed to the companies registered in the building of the technopark, which is named after Alexander Popov.

According to the project, Innopolis Technopark was to consist of four buildings. AS Corps. Popov area of ​​40 thousand square meters. meters and is designed for 2.2 thousand jobs, was launched first, in 2015
year. Now it is filled by 90%, and the jobs in it, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, will end already in the I quarter of 2020, and the reserved space is no longer left.

The second building, which will be named after Nikolai Lobachevsky, is expected to be completed by mid-2021. Its area will be 30 thousand square meters. meters, and it will be designed for 1.5 thousand jobs.
Immediately after the commissioning, the authorities will be ready to actively populate it.

There are still no information on two buildings that were previously planned to be built.

In the Technopark them. A.S. Popov based companies of two categories: residents and partners. Partners pay all taxes and residents enjoy benefits under federal law, – he specified
R. Shaikhutdinov. – new benefits will be introduced for small companies registered in the technopark.

Currently, the project on the introduction of a tax initiative is being finalized by the authorities of the region together with the prosecutor’s office and the Federal Tax Service. After the relevant bill
will be submitted to the Republican Parliament, it will be considered at the session of the State Council of RT, and the list of privileges will be made public. According to the Deputy Prime Minister of RT, this will happen in February 2020.

It should be reminded that residents of FEZ Innopolis can benefit from tangible benefits today. They are exempt from income tax within 5 years of receiving their first income. yet
five years after this period, the tax rate for them will be 5%, and after 10 years – 13.5%.

During the first 5 years, residents are also exempt from the land tax, within 10 years – from the payment of the property tax. Until January 1, 2018, these firms paid no income tax
parts that are credited to the federal budget until the end of 2019 benefit from insurance premiums. They were granted an exemption from VAT when importing goods from abroad.

In addition, employees of residents of FEZ Innopolis were granted rent or purchase of housing in the scientific city.

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