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Intel blames internal flaw for leak of confidential financial information

Following the premature publication of its earnings report, Intel attributed the rush to a breach and leak of sensitive financial information from its corporate website. After an investigation, the company reported that the corporate network had not been hacked, and an internal error was to blame for the data leak.

AP Photo / Richard Drew

The company was originally slated to release its quarterly results a few hours after the close of trading on Wall Street on Thursday. But the company made its official earnings announcement six minutes before the market closed.

“The infographics were stolen from our PR website– department, – said then George Davis. – We published our income statement as soon as we found out “… At the same time, a company representative said that Intel learned about the distribution of images with indicators of financial statements – early access to such information could benefit stock traders.

But now Intel has issued a statement in which it said there was no hack: Url– The address of our earnings infographic was inadvertently made public before our earnings were published and is made available to third parties. As soon as we became aware of the situation, we immediately made a public announcement of income. Intel Network was not hacked, and we made adjustments to prevent a similar situation in the future “

One way or another, now because of this case, the company may become the subject of investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. By the way, a day after the publication of the report, Intel shares fell by more than 9% – investors were not satisfied with the lack of a clear strategy for the company to use third-party production facilities to eliminate the technological gap with competitors.

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