Intel Core i9-10850K processor will still appear on sale as a separate offer

Intel Core i9-10850K processor will still appear on sale as a separate offer

Intel continues to remain silent about the existence of another 10-core Comet Lake-S processor, the Core i9-10850K model. We already wrote about it and even saw it as part of a custom PC from Digital Storm. It was recently revealed that the boxed version of the processor (BX8070110850K) appeared in the databases of several European retailers at once. This could mean that the chip will still be presented by Intel as a separate proposal.

Information shared Twitter user with nickname momomo_us… As stated earlier, the Core i9-10850K is a slightly stripped-down version of the flagship Core i9-10900K. It uses 10 cores and 20 virtual threads and is equipped with 20 MB of L3 cache. The base clock speed of the Core i9-10850K is 100 MHz lower than that of the flagship model, but the maximum in Turbo Boost mode is still the same 5.2 GHz. In addition, unlike the older model, the Core i9-10850K seems to lack support for Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) technology, which allows the processor to overclock a little more than your declared maximum frequency value with sufficient cooling.

The official TDP level of the Core i9-10850K is still unknown. For the flagship, the declared nominal value is 125 W. But it is not yet clear whether the decrease in the base frequency by 100 MHz and the lack of support for TVB technology at the TDP level of the younger model affected. The rest of the specs of the Core i9-10850K appear to be similar to the flagship Core i9-10900K. Here and support for DDR4-2933 RAM, and integrated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630. In addition, the processor provides support for 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes.

With the Digital Storm PC, the Core i9-10850K costs $ 42 less than the Core i9-10900K. Thus, with a declared cost of $ 488 to $ 499 for the flagship, the price for the Core i9-10850K can be around $ 447-457.

For the European market, the price for this processor may be higher. At least this is indicated by data from the European online store LambdaTek, where the Core i9-10850K is priced at 383.13 British pounds (excluding VAT), which roughly corresponds to $ 483. In the same store, the flagship Core i9-10900K model is offered for 449.54 British pounds (about $ 565), which is about 17.2% more expensive than the younger model. Considering the added value for the Core i9-10900K, the price of the Core i9-10850K in the US market can range from $ 416 to $ 426.

At such a cost, the novelty may seem interesting, but do not forget about the competitors. AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X has a MSRP of $ 430. For this price, the processor offers two additional cores and four virtual threads, as well as PCIe 4.0 support.

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