Источник изображения: Twitter, Raja Koduri

Intel engineers managed to create a computing accelerator with 41 chiplets

As it has long been known, the Ponte Vecchio family of computing accelerators should become the most advanced in terms of layout solutions and manufacturing technology, even if Intel will receive separate crystals from third-party manufacturers. It looks like one of the prototypes received 41 crystals in one package.

Image Source: Twitter, Raja Koduri

Image Source: Twitter, Raja Koduri

Anyway, this is how the new publication can be interpreted. Raji Koduri (Raja Koduri), who continues to oversee graphics solutions and related accelerators at Intel. He already demonstrated a sample of a server chip with several crystals on a single substrate at the end of January, and now the illustration is an abstract image with a graphical representation of the Mandelbrot set. According to Koduri, a prototype accelerator with 41 chiplets is now trying its hand at determining the area of ​​this set and solving related mathematical problems.

He even compared this to the display of the phrase “hello, world” as a result of the test program. Raja Koduri noted that although this computing solution will be used in the segment of high-performance systems, it will undoubtedly please many fans of computer graphics. Considering that the January photo showed the presence of more than a dozen chips in one package, then a ready-made computing accelerator can combine up to four such processors on one board.

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