Intel has confirmed that future Alder Lake-S desktop processors will switch to LGA1700

Intel has confirmed that future Alder Lake-S desktop processors will switch to LGA1700

According to network sources, on one of the Intel websites for developers, the link to which, for obvious reasons, is not published, there is fresh documentation on the promising series of Alder Lake processors.

In the presented screenshot from the famous “processor tracker” @momomo_us it can be seen that in the title of the documents Intel now openly mentions the LGA1700 socket on its official website. This is the first confirmation coming directly from Intel about the new socket regarding Alder Lake-S. Previously, the fact of using the LGA1700 was mentioned only by third-party manufacturers specializing in the creation of test equipment for Intel platforms.

The release date of Alder Lake-S has not yet been confirmed and is likely to remain such for a long time to come. The release of this family of processors will immediately make existing motherboards based on 400 series chipsets obsolete, as they are equipped with an LGA1200 socket designed exclusively for Intel Comet Lake and Rocket Lake.

Recall what is currently known about Alder Lake-S:

  • The series is the successor to Rocket Lake-S;
  • Used a new socket LGA1700;
  • Alder Lake-S processors are expected to receive a “big core / small core” architecture from powerful and energy-efficient cores (similar to the BigLITTE ARM architecture);
  • The series will use the Golden Cove and Gracemont cores;
  • The LGA1700 platform will be the first from Intel to receive DDR5 support for desktop computers.

The documentation also refers to the new Alder Lake-P family of processors, whose purpose is not fully understood. The latest known Intel series of chips with the letter “P” in the code name is Atom-based server solutions (up to 24 cores), code-named Snow Ridge. It is not yet clear how this is related to Alder Lake, but it is worth mentioning that they will use up to eight large cores (probably with Golden Cove architecture) and up to eight small ones (Gracemont).

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