Intel leaves Jim Keller, a leading processor architect

Intel leaves Jim Keller, a leading processor architect

Intel announced that renowned processor architectures Jim Keller resigned on June 11, 2020. The company said it appreciates the work Keller has done and wishes him all the best for the future. Interestingly, Keller agreed to serve as a consultant for Intel for another six months in order to smooth out his care for the company.

Jim Keller was hired by Intel two years ago as senior vice president of Intel’s processor and chip design department (Intel Silicon Engineering Group). Prior to that, he established himself as a first-class specialist in PA Semiconductor, AMD, Apple, again AMD and Tesla.

Apparently, the goal of the engineer at Intel was to streamline the process of developing various hardware, as well as determine the strategic areas of activity that need to be developed and optimized for the market. It is also assumed that Jim Keller had a hand in analyzing Intel’s manufacturing processes, and, of course, a number of future company processors. Simply put, he dealt with the ill-fated 10-nm Intel process technology, and also worked on a new processor architecture. But what is her condition at the moment, it’s hard to say.

As a result of Keller’s departure, Intel reorganized several of its working groups, which indicates that what happened was not a surprise for the company. The following personnel changes occurred at Intel:

  • Sundari Mitra, former CEO and founder of NetSpeed ​​Systems and current leader of the Configurable Intellectual Property and Chassis Group (Intel), will lead the new IP Engineering Group.
  • Gene Scuteri will lead the Xeon Server Processors and Networking Engineering Group.
  • Daaman Hejmadi will return to the leadership of the Client Engineering Group, which is developing new single-chip platforms, system logic and devices. Heimadi has more than twenty years of experience in leading teams developing cutting-edge platforms both inside and outside Intel.
  • Navid Shahriari, Intel’s seasoned leader, will continue to lead the product design and manufacturing team ( Manufacturing and Product Engineering Group). This group focuses on preparing devices for production.

Returning to Keller, we note that, judging by his past, he likes to spend several years in companies, and then change his place of work. Of the last major offspring of Keller, we note the AMD Zen architecture, which has become saving for AMD. Before that, he created Apple A4 and A5 processors for Apple, and from his earlier offspring we can recall the AMD K8 architecture.

In the ranks of Intel, Keller spent relatively little time. At the moment, it is difficult to say what exactly this means: whether he left because he completely coped with the tasks, or there were some other reasons. Perhaps this will become clear in the foreseeable future.

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