Intel may receive a government grant for the construction of an enterprise in the United States

In April, Intel tried to raise government funding to build a semiconductor manufacturing contract manufacturing facility in the United States. The Taiwanese TSMC was quicker when it announced the construction of an enterprise in Arizona, but this does not mean that local lobbyists gave up.


According to The Wall Street Journal, the Semiconductor Industry Association is promoting the idea in US government. She expects that the country’s authorities will allocate up to $ 37 billion for the development of the national semiconductor industry, and part of these funds will be used to build a new enterprise in the United States, the services of which could be used by American companies. The share of financing from the authorities is estimated at $ 5 billion, the remaining funds for the construction of the enterprise should provide private companies.

Of the total amount of $ 15 billion, it will be allocated to individual states in the form of grants to attract companies willing to build specialized enterprises for the production of semiconductor products on their territory. The remaining $ 17 billion can be spent on research and development. Partners from among private companies have not yet been selected, but informed sources say that Intel may be the favorite, which was among the first to support such an initiative. Another association, SEMI, is trying to obtain benefits from the American authorities when buying technological equipment.

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