Intel will soon discontinue the release of its special core i9-9900K dodecahedron package

Intel will soon discontinue the release of its special core i9-9900K dodecahedron package

Processor manufacturers over the past couple of decades have greatly changed their attitude towards promoting products on the market. After many years of extremely simple packaging and very mediocre coolers, recently Intel and AMD are trying to highlight their solutions: for example, an unusual box on store shelves or a cooling system.

Although packaging after acquiring a product has practically zero value, with the possible exception of the background during streaming, sometimes even packaging can increase the hype around the new device. One of the latest fanciful examples was the Intel box for the Core i9-9900K processor in the form of a blue transparent dodecahedron (a regular polyhedron made up of twelve regular pentagons). There is no cooler in the kit, but the processor packaging is quite large and is designed to attract attention.

Intel launched a couple of weeks ago the Comet Lake family – the 10th generation of Core i processors, including the flagship Core i9-10900K. Since the Core i9-9900K is no longer in the top spot among desktop processors, Intel decided to discontinue the 9900K in the special packaging mentioned. In particular, retailers can still order these processor versions by June 26, but the last delivery will take place on July 10. The regular retail version will still be sold.

Someone can argue with the statement that the packaging can make the processor even more interesting – for those, the extra costs of a fancy box are not justified. Nevertheless, we must admit that today the design of the product plays an important role for many: otherwise there would be no special anniversary editions or bright luminous cooling systems as standard.

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