Intel will update the LGA 1200 platform with new chipsets in March. You will need them for Rocket Lake processors

Intel will update the LGA 1200 platform with new chipsets in March. You will need them for Rocket Lake processors

Yesterday, information appeared on the Web that the release of Intel Rocket Lake-S desktop processors was postponed until March next year. Soon, HDTecnologia published data on the timing of the release of Intel 500 series chipsets for these processors, thereby confirming previous rumors.

According to the presented “roadmap”, Intel plans to release the Intel 500-series chipsets for the Rocket Lake-S processors around the second half of March 2021. Accordingly, the processors themselves will be released at the same time.

It is planned to launch a full-fledged series of system logic chips, from the junior Intel H510 to the flagship Intel Z590. Intel B560 and H570 will be located between them. A little later, in April 2021, a chipset for Intel W580 working systems will be presented. But the logic of the Q470 will not receive a successor. Interestingly, according to the roadmap, all Intel 500 series system logic chips will be manufactured using the 14nm process technology, while in the current 400 series, the youngest chipsets are manufactured using 22nm technology.

Motherboards with chipsets of the 500th series will be equipped with the already familiar LGA 1200 processor socket. Why then release a new series of system logic, and, accordingly, new motherboards? In addition to the obvious desire of motherboard manufacturers to earn extra money, the reason is the full support of the new motherboards for the PCIe 4.0 interface, which will appear in Rocket Lake-S processors. As previously reported, not all current motherboards based on 400-series chipsets will be able to work with the new interface.

Also shown “roadmap” indicates that at least until the summer of 2021, Intel does not plan to radically update its high-performance desktop platform. The company is not going to change the Intel X299 chipset released back in 2017. New processors for this platform may still come out, but they are unlikely to be able to offer a big leap over the current Cascade Lake-X.

Finally, the source reports that AMD has no plans to update its chipset fleet for the upcoming Ryzen 5000 series Zen 3 processors. Other rumors suggest that we can only expect AMD’s latest flagship X670 chipset to arrive. However, a really large-scale update of the model range of AMD chipsets is expected not earlier than next year – by the time Zen 4 processors are to be released, motherboards with a new Socket AM5 socket, DDR5 memory support and possibly even PCIe 5.0 should appear. But the latter is unlikely – PCIe 4.0 has not yet revealed its full potential.

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