Intelligence agencies of eight countries successfully carried out an operation to neutralize the dangerous botnet Emotet

Intelligence agencies of eight countries successfully carried out an operation to neutralize the dangerous botnet Emotet

As a result of a special operation of law enforcement agencies, the preparation and planning of which took about two years, it was possible to neutralize the most dangerous botnet Emotet, which is actively used by hackers to implement various kinds of malicious campaigns. It was possible to achieve success in the fight against the malicious network thanks to the coordinated actions of law enforcement agencies in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Lithuania, Ukraine, Great Britain, the United States and Canada.

Emotet was first detected as a banking Trojan in 2014, but later expanded to become one of the most malicious networks in the world. It spreads by installing a backdoor on computers running Windows. To do this, phishing emails with Word documents that have been compromised by malicious software are used. Typically, cybercriminals send phishing emails under the guise of invoices, delivery notifications, or information on issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The cybercriminals behind Emotet have leased the botnet to other groups to conduct malicious campaigns, including using ransomware and remote access tools. As a result, the botnet became what Europol describes as “the most dangerous malware in the world“And”one of the most dangerous botnets of the last decade“.

According to law enforcement officials, the elimination of Emotet is one of the most serious attacks on malware and cybercrime in recent years. “This is probably one of the most significant operations in terms of impact that we have had in recent years, and we expect it to have a significant impact on the situation. We are very happy“Said the head of operations at Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, Fernando Ruiz.

The source notes that the active phase of the special services operation lasted a week. During this time, law enforcement officers took control of Emotet’s infrastructure, which consists of hundreds of servers around the world. Users’ computers that are infected with malware and are part of a botnet now access infrastructure controlled by law enforcement agencies. This means that attackers can no longer use infected computers and the spread of malware will be stopped.

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