Internal systems of Rostelecom are migrating to the domestic OS

Internal systems of Rostelecom are migrating to the domestic OS


Natalia Solovieva | 12/31/2020

Internal systems of Rostelecom are migrating to the domestic OS

Provider of digital services and solutions PJSC Rostelecom and Russian developer and supplier of IT solutions and services Red Soft company have published information about the beginning of migration of the provider’s internal systems
for software products of domestic development.

“RED OS” is a domestic operating system of the Linux family for servers and workstations, registered in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases, which maintains
Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Its compliance with information security requirements and approval for use in state information systems (GIS)
confirmed by the certificate of the FSTEC of Russia.

Under the terms of the license agreement concluded between the provider and the developer, the internal systems will be transferred to the RED OS OS of the Server configuration (version for workstations)
Rostelecom. At present, representatives of the operator in the media have specified, the company’s servers are running Windows and a number of operating systems using the Linux kernel.

The migration process will begin in the coming 2021, it is planned to complete it in three years, by the end of 2023. Test tests of the compatibility of the operating system with the server infrastructure
Rostelecom were held in October 2020 and showed positive results, confirming the correct operation of the OS on the operator’s servers, according to the official press release.

It is not known which services Rostelecom intends to transfer to Red OS during this period. In total, representatives of the operator in the media comment, Rostelecom uses about 1,000
of various systems, and first of all, the migration process will affect systems of its own design and systems of Russian production. The terms of the contract allow the provider to set any
number of servers for two years. Only in 2021, according to company representatives, it is planned to install 2000-2500 servers, both for new systems and for the purpose of translation

“The use of domestic OS is a strategic step towards import substitution. It is important for many companies to use domestic technologies that ensure data security and
neutralize the risks associated with the sanctions policy of foreign states “, – the media quote the comment of the senior vice president of Rostelecom for information technology Kirill Menshov.

The companies do not disclose more detailed information about their cooperation, including financial conditions. But it is known, experts say that after some time Rostelecom intends to transfer
for domestic software products and workplaces of its employees, but which operating system will Rostelecom prefer in this case, and when will it begin to implement this
the project is currently unknown.

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