Проект космопорта в Токийском заливею Источник изображения: Noiz Architects

introduced the concept of a spaceport in Tokyo Bay

Two years ago, the Space Port Japan Association (SPJ) consortium for the development of space tourism was established in Japan. This is an interesting matter, albeit very slow, but no one can forbid dreaming and making plans. At one time, Lucas’ Star Wars caused a real sensation in Japan, and the Japanese could not ignore the topic of space tourism. Is it any wonder that the project of the futuristic spaceport of the future was one of the first to be born in Japan?

Tokyo Bay Spaceport Project Image Source: Noiz Architects

Spaceport project in Tokyo Bay. Image source: Noiz Architects

Recently, the Tokyo-based architecture and design company Noiz Architects for the Space Port Japan Association consortium presented a project of a floating spaceport in Tokyo Bay. Despite the seemingly fantastic nature of the proposal, the project focuses on the current state of affairs, namely on suborbital flights, which promise to become a reality within a year or two. For example, Virgin Galactic began to collect preliminary orders for tourist suborbital flights. The price tag is impressive – $ 250 million per seat, but in the future, such entertainment will definitely become cheaper.

The spaceport project by Noiz Architects targets operators like Virgin Galactic. A large, but ordinary aircraft SpaceShipTwo Unity takes off along the usual runway and then lands on it. Upon reaching a maximum altitude of 15-16 thousand meters, the plane drops the SpaceShipTwo “space plane”, which already on its engines rises into space at an altitude of up to 80 km, where tourists can spend several minutes in zero gravity and admire the views of the distant Earth. SpaceShipTwo then lands on the spaceport’s runway like a normal aircraft.

Air Launch Carrier Image Source: Virgin Orbit

Aircraft carrier for air launch. Image source: Virgin Orbit

The spaceport project envisages not only servicing “horizontal” flights to near-outer space, but also allows less wealthy tourists to touch the future. There will be museums, art objects, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, training centers for “cosmonauts” and much, much more. The spaceport will be connected to the coast by an automobile overpass. Let’s dream?

By the way, Virgin Galactic has indeed already chosen one of the Japanese cities as a hub for airplane and space launches in Asia. But that is another story.

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