Investments in drone industry up 67% to a record $ 1.2 billion

Investments in drone industry up 67% to a record $ 1.2 billion

According to network sources, by the end of 2019, the volume of investments in the drone industry reached a record level of $ 1.2 billion, an increase of 67% compared to the same period last year. It is also noted that the volume of venture financing at the end of last year amounted to $ 930 million, which is approximately 68.87% of all investments in this direction.

Statistics show that between 2008 and 2019, the volume of financing in this sector amounted to $ 4.43 billion. The volume of investments in the drone industry through venture financing in 2010 amounted to only $ 2 million, in 2012 increasing to $ 42 million, and a year later, reached the mark of $ 121 million (annual growth of about 188%). An even more impressive surge in investment looks when you compare $ 2 million in venture financing in 2010 with $ 930 million in 2019.

The unmanned aerial vehicle industry has grown through investments in at least 52 companies. Among the major players in this sector, 3D Robotics, DJI, Toyota, Boeing, Audi, Airbus, DroneBase, Microsoft, etc. stand out.”, The report says, which also notes that many companies are located in the United States, and a large proportion of the financing they receive falls on venture capital.

It is expected that in 2020 growth in investment in the drone industry will continue. This is mainly due to the fact that unmanned aerial vehicles are used more and more actively in various fields of human activity.

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