iPhone 12 will receive the latest 5G-modem Snapdragon X60

IPhone 12 smartphones are expected to be the first Apple devices to support fifth-generation networks. Many sources, including the notorious Ming-Chi Kuo, attributed them to the use of 5G-modems Snapdragon X55. However, the online publication DigiTimes reported that smartphones will receive the latest Snapdragon X60 chip.

It is reported that TSMC will begin production of Apple A14 processors and Snapdragon X60 modems later this month. Both chips will be produced according to the 5-nm process technology. According to reports, the X60 will provide higher energy efficiency and will take up less space on the smartphone board than the X55. Devices equipped with new chips will be able to aggregate data from the mmWave and sub6 ranges to achieve the optimal combination of network coverage with high data transfer speed and low latency.

When the Snapdragon X60 was announced in February this year, it seemed that the chip would appear on Apple devices no earlier than 2021. Even Qualcomm itself stated that we are unlikely to see devices with new modems until next year, so the rumor about its use in the iPhone 12 should be taken with certain skepticism.

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