iRobot Introduces Roomba i3 + Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Introduces Roomba i3 + Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Anna Savelyeva | 03/22/2021

iRobot Introduces Roomba i3 + Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The novelty received a smart navigation system, an automatic dust collector cleaning function, and also gives personal cleaning recommendations under the control of the new iRobot Genius Home platform

iRobot Roomba i3 + up to 60 days independently unloads the collected garbage to the base, which also serves as a charging station for the robot. All collected dust is stored in a closed AllergenLock bag
Clean Base, which consists of a four-layer membrane that blocks allergens by trapping 99 percent of pollen and mold. The device cleans in a targeted and logical manner in straight lines, providing
Move through several rooms inside the house, combining cleaning on hard floors and carpets. If the robot’s battery runs out, Roomba i3 + will automatically charge and resume cleaning as long as
until the work is completed.

The 3-stage cleaning system of the robot consists of two rubber brushes with an easy cleaning function, which work in tandem, rotating towards each other for maximum efficiency
cleaning, and a specially designed side brush is responsible for cleaning in the corners and along the baseboard. At the same time, 10x more suction power compared to the 600 series models in conjunction with
patented Dirt Detect technology allows Roomba i3 + to know where dirt is accumulating and focus efforts on those specific areas. The novelty is able to do all this without using
built-in camera, which speaks not only of its functionality, but also of safety – data from the vacuum cleaner will not flow anywhere, and the probability of failure is much lower.

And finally, the updated iRobot Home app, powered by the iRobot Genius platform, the modern iRobot artificial intelligence and the ability to analyze your work at home in real
time allow Roomba i3 + to know your cleaning preferences and offer personalized cleaning programs. In addition, the device will develop individual cleaning schedules,
useful suggestions for cleaning during the allergy season, as well as active shedding of pets. Whether you’re heading to work or hiking, the robot can start cleaning
on demand from smart home devices with Alexa or Google support.

The price for a novelty will range from 25,000 to 30,000 rubles.

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