iRobot Roomba s9 +: wagon cleaner

iRobot Roomba s9 +: wagon cleaner

Sergey Gritsachuk

The number of smart home smart assistants is steadily increasing: developers are working hard to hit the community of geeks another high-tech newcomer. Fiction writers dreams
slowly come to pass – more and more work (including household) are taking over work, ridding its owner of a lot of painstaking and unpleasant, but necessary, manual work. Why slowly?
The widespread disruption of the cost of the devices: like most new products of this kind, the robot-vacuum cleaner costs a lot.

The issue ($ 1400), which worries many, will illuminate briefly: at the time of appearance, a similar story was with washing machines, “vending machines,” and dishwashers, bakers and multicookers, with
microwaves and coffee machines, personal computers, and even refrigerators. But after a few years, all these appliances were transferred from the category of luxury goods to the “middle class”, and then –
into the budget segment. Now it is difficult to find a house where there would be no washing machine or microwave, so that with the robot-vacuum cleaners the story is likely to repeat itself.


Now, back to the technical side of the issue. Today, the older Roomba s9 + model in the iRobot vacuum cleaner series is the most progressive and versatile. it is equipped
many sensors and on-board computer that have the capabilities of artificial intelligence and self-training. Thanks to sophisticated software, the robot cleaner is capable
independently, without the help of owners, to understand the type of flooring and determine whether it deals with smooth linoleum or with a carpet with a high pile.


This is important: in the latter case, for example, an electronic cleaner employs a powerful built-in turbine to maximize dust removal efficiency. Second, the same receptors help
determine the type and amount of contamination – by detecting a heavily clogged area, the vacuum cleaner will pay much more attention to clearing the problem area. And third: a set of built-in appliances (brushes and
rollers) is able to cope with almost any type of contamination – hair, pet hair, crumbs, food particles and more for him is not a problem.


Starting a new Roomba s9 + start with a detailed study of the room. Its 3D sensors, managed and processed using Imprint Smart Mapping technology, scan in detail
the premises, making an accurate map, with obstacles and borders marked. Only after detailed mapping does the device start to work, but it does not move any more erratically – using
iAdapt 3.0 and vSlam technologies, it moves in parallel and circular lines, choosing the best route.


The problem with the recycling of garbage is also resolved: now the vacuum cleaner will not be scared to hide in a corner, confused by blinking red light bulbs when the built-in tank is full. vice versa:
grunting business-wise, he heads to his own docking station, where he releases the inner hopper, pumping all of its contents into the outer tank, and then goes to continue to clean up. And the containers
built-in dock disposable bag is enough for at least 30 “servings” – with regular cleaning the owner does not have to change it more often once or twice a month (according to developers).
Of course, a similar situation will be with recharging – a gray battery will not cause cleaning duties.

In short, the robot-vacuum cleaner “smarts” right in front of your eyes, acquiring more and more opportunities, among which self-study and decision-making system – perhaps the most “delicious” things. what
concerns the mechanical part – it is also being improved, not only by increasing the power of the turbine, but also by actuators. In the novelty new rubber works simultaneously
brushes that are 30% wider than the Roomba 600 series and five special Corner Brush angular brushes. It is noteworthy that the roller brushes have a floating suspension that regulates (including)
pressing force – as a result, it significantly improves the quality of cleaning.

Full automation, of course, greatly simplifies the life of the owner of the robot cleaner, but does not mean that he will not be able to control the actions of the home cleaner. Traditionally, in
the original iRobot Home app has the ability to customize the clean-up in separate rooms right on the room map, and also to schedule clean-ups, adjust settings
work, monitor the current status of the device and check the statistics of actions. If necessary, you can also change the geometry of the “rooms” by creating virtual walls and defining restricted areas. IN
Support for voice commands that are recognized using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants is added for added convenience.

IRobot has taken another step towards improving automatic dry cleaning. Therefore, Roomba s9 + receives a well-deserved Expert Choice Award
innovations and the productive work of the R&D department
a number of additional conveniences, both from the side of the device management, and in the section of management of own time. Agree – it is a great benefit to a business person!

Robot vacuum cleaner

External storage bin
powerful turbine
enlarged brushes

The high price

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