ISS service life was extended until 2028, RSC Energia said

ISS service life was extended until 2028, RSC Energia said

According to network sources, the operation of the International Space Station in Earth orbit will be extended until 2028. RBC writes about this with reference to the words of the Deputy Head of the Center for Flight Operation of Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles of RSC Energia Yuri Gidzenko.

We are already thinking, and a decision on this at the upper levels has already been made, so that the station will fly until 2028“, – said Mr. Gidzenko, adding that the recently discovered microcracks in the ISS skin after sealing will not affect the service life of the orbital station.

It was also said that the cosmonauts are currently working to eliminate a crack 22 mm long and 0.1 mm wide in the Russian Zvezda module. Work to eliminate the second crack should begin on March 8-9, and it is planned to complete them by March 12. Official representatives of the state corporation “Roscosmos” refrained from commenting on this issue.

For the first time, a small air leak on the ISS was recorded in the fall of 2019. Since then, the station crew has been able to locate the leak in the intermediate chamber of the Russian Zvezda module. Several times they tried to seal the crack with the help of improvised means, but this did not bring any result. In February, the ISS was delivered the equipment necessary to search for and eliminate microcracks.

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