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ISS-tourists don’t fly in open space

Cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov, Hero of Russia, in an interview with RIA Novosti told what a space tourist can do when he goes into outer space from the International Space Station (ISS).

Photos of Roscosmos

Photos of Roscosmos

Last week, we recall, the Rocket and Space Corporation “Energy” them. S.P. Koroleva and Space Adventures signed a contract to send two more tourists to the ISS. The agreement provides for the first ever space tourist to go into outer space. It will happen in 2023.

As Mr. Vinogradov said, during extra-ship activities, a tourist will be able to admire our planet, conduct a photo shoot and, possibly, perform some experiments. At the same time, he will not be able to fly in open space and even simply move away from the ISS due to safety requirements.

Admire the views of the Earth, the station. Take a picture. We had a lot of tourists flying, very literate, with their tasks, with their interesting experiments. Maybe such a tourist wants to just see, show off, take a picture, but I think that by the time he is about to go into space, interesting ideas, tasks, experiments will appear“, – said Pavel Vinogradov.

Of course, for going out into outer space, a tourist will have to undergo special training. In addition, the purchase of expensive equipment will be required. About how much such a “walk” can cost, nothing is reported.

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