Issuance of e-passports just around the corner

Issuance of e-passports just around the corner

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 11/27/2020

Issuance of e-passports just around the corner

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the Ministry of Digital Affairs of Russia, the Moscow government, other interested government agencies and the business community, are working on approaches to conducting an experiment to launch a passport with an electronic
information carrier on the territory of Moscow with its subsequent distribution throughout the country, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reports

It is assumed that the electronic passport, as well as the mobile application that complements it, will become the key to public and commercial services, will provide all citizens with a qualified electronic
signature. A passport with an electronic data carrier will be distinguished by a higher degree of security compared to a paper one, practicality, wear resistance, and if lost, it will be possible
its quick lock.

The document is a plastic card the size of a bank (ID1 format) with an electronic data carrier of domestic production. It will contain data that
are contained in the current paper passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (on registration at the place of residence, marital status, children). Basic information will be placed on the plastic card itself.

It will be possible to read the basic data of an e-passport using a mobile application without additional costs from citizens and businesses.

The approaches to organizing the work of all interested parties are discussed at sites of different levels, including the government.

The main parameters of the project are to be determined within the framework of the system project of the infrastructure for processing, issuing and using a passport with an electronic carrier, which was undertaken by

Preparatory work for the launch of an electronic passport, both legal and technical, in the pilot zone of Moscow is planned to be carried out by December 1, 2021.

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