IT-Weekly Review (01/20 - 01/26/2020)

IT-Weekly Review (01/20 – 01/26/2020)

Gennady Belash


ASCON has certified Lenovo Countries to work with COMPASS-3D v18

The ThinkStation C30 Series Compatibility Certificates and ThinkPad P Series Compatibility Certificates have been issued. The latest version of COMPASS-3D allows you to work with large 3D builds up to several
millions of components. To take full advantage of the system, users are advised to choose a powerful hardware that meets the requirements of the developer.

Roselectronics Holding together with the Institute of Synthetic Polymeric Materials of the Russian Academy of Sciences develop technology for the production of electronics and photonics devices from organic polymers
3D printing.
Polymers have a signal rate 100 times higher than traditional copper contacts, they are more compact and resistant to interference. Contacts based on new material in
in the long run, they will be able to create system-to-body devices that outperform system-to-crystal technology in performance, functionality and compactness.

At present, theoretical studies have been carried out, methods have been developed and organic polymeric materials have been created, on the basis of which a multilayer structure was formed and confirmed
wave properties. The first experimental sample of an electronics product created with 3D printing is scheduled to be tested and tested by the end of Q3 2020.

New Products

Huawei and RED SOFT have signed a technology cooperation agreement. Company experts have tested the compatibility of their flagship products.
The basis of the comprehensive solution Huawei and RED SOFTWARE will be Taishan 200 servers (model 2280) and Russian importonezavisimaya operating system RED OS.

The Huawei TaiShan 200 Server is a server for Tsodov on Huawei Kunpeng 920 processors based on ARMv8 architecture. Its balanced model 2280 is a dual-processor,
2U rack server. It is also suitable for the Internet, distributed storage, cloud computing, Big Data, and enterprise services.

RED OS is a Russian general-purpose Linux family of servers and workstations. It is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computing
machines and databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia (№7551).

Oracle has announced an upgrade to its management platform
Oracle Enterprise Manager
. The new version includes database automation features and a single dashboard that
enhances the visibility, control and management of hybrid IT environments.

Oracle Enterprise Manager migration tools accelerate and simplify cloud migration with flexibility and ease of use. Migrating to the cloud many different databases in most
large organizations often take a long time, so it’s important to have a cloud migration solution.

Bosch gives the car the ability to control the driver’s condition

Falling asleep, lowering concentration, not wearing a seat belt – many events that happen inside a car can have far-reaching consequences. To prevent
Bosch has developed a new driver status control system based on cameras and artificial intelligence (II). In a dangerous situation the system
can alert the inattentive driver, recommend a rest stop, and in some cases even slow down: the exact response may depend on the settings selected

Red Hat announces beta release Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.2, a leading enterprise-class Linux platform. Once every six months, the intermediate versions of RHEL are called
facilitate the transition to new and industry-ready infrastructure and application innovations. The semi-annual release schedule should help the manufacturing partners
equipment to accelerate the certification of their hardware solutions to expand customer choice when equipping their data centers.

Security Code announces the release of a new version of Continent-AP’s cryptographic security suite, designed to provide users with secure access to resources
corporate network from non-protected segments. The benefits of Continent-AP 4 are the implementation of a fast start, which simplifies the actions of the user at the beginning of work, and
expanding the range of supported tokens.

GC Astra Linux and Mobile Inform Group report on
successful completion

of joint work on adaptation of the Russian operating system Astra Linux to the industrial tablet MIG T10. The device is available for order from January 20, 2020.

results of activity

GfK: more than a trillion euros will be spent on consumer electronics and electronics in 2020

GfK Experts Expect Global Consumers to Spend About € 1.05 Trillion on Household Appliances and Electronics in 2020 – 2.5% More Than
2019 year. The growth drivers will be the telecom sector (+ 3% in monetary terms), large appliances (+ 2%). The fastest growing sector globally will be small appliances (+ 8%).
Sales in the IT, office and consumer electronics (audio, photo, video) sectors will remain almost unchanged from last year.

Pavich Lazarov, GfK SE’s leading expert on the global consumer electronics market: “We expect the telecom sector to return to growth thanks to the expansion of 5G. Yes, yes
demand for smartphones – the main contribution here is expected from China and Asian countries – will have a positive impact not only on the telecom sector, but the entire global consumer market
technologies. Innovation, productivity and premiums remain the key drivers of product selection this year.

Informational security

Software complex “1C: Enterprise 8s” is certified for work with state secret information

ZPK “1C: Enterprise 8s” is certified in the system of certification of information security tools according to the information security requirements № ROSS RU.0001.01BI00 and has a certificate of conformity
No. 4183 (issued by FSTEC of Russia on December 04, 2019, valid until December 04, 2024).

The certificate certifies that the protected software complex “1C: Enterprise 8s” has built-in means of protection against unauthorized access to information, implements functions
identification and authentication, access control, security event logging, information recovery, memory clearing and integrity control.

Quantum-Protected VPN: An Integrated Solution for Security Code and CouRate

The development of quantum technologies may soon lead to the emergence of high-performance quantum computers, for which modern cryptography algorithms may not be
resistant. In order to ensure a fundamentally new level of information security, security code experts and KuRate have performed joint integration and successfully tested
Enterprise Continuity 4 firewall compatibility and quantum key distribution.

Jet CSIRT IB Jet Monitoring Center

integrated the flow of threat data on industrial automation systems from Kaspersky Lab into the SIEM system and knowledge base used. Availability of threat information for
industrial infrastructure has helped to increase the level of information security outsourcing services for customers in the industrial sector.


Yandex.Money has added Google Pay to its fundraising services

With Yandex.Money, users can now transfer money to good causes or crowdfunding projects through Google Pay. New feature available in Ya.Sober, forms and buttons Yandex.Money to raise funds. You don’t need to have to send money through Google Pay
bring a bank card and spend time entering it – just confirm the transfer on your Android device.

Ya. Sober, Yandex.Money forms and buttons help you organize your fundraising for a variety of purposes – be it a gift for a friend, donate to an online stream, donate to
crowdfunding project or charity event. J. Sober allows you to create a page for raising money, a link to which the user can share in a blog or, for example, social networks. forms and
Yandex.Money buttons can be added to your site using a special code.

Diaosoft digital platform is on the global list of Forrester banking platforms

Under the digital platform, Forrester analysts understand a complex solution that includes core banking for accounting tasks, front office and customer service channels
bank. Diazoft is included in the Forrester analyst report Now Tech: Digital Banking Platforms, alongside the world’s leading digital platforms.

In this report, Forrester analysts analyzed 35 digital banking platforms from leading global vendors. The presented companies vary considerably in size, functional
decision options, geography of presence and target markets.

Diazoft platform was created to support digital banking projects, digital transformation of banks and financial companies. Diasoft helps companies build their own
digital brand, integrate into digital banking ecosystems and improve customer service.

Softline Trade, a company of the Softline Group, has acquired on the open market

own bonds (ISIN – RU000A0ZYLD2) worth more than 410 million rubles. The bidding application took place on January 15-21, all investors were offered to sell the issuer’s bonds for the amount of
500 million rubles. This measure will allow the company to reduce the average cost of borrowing against the backdrop of lending by partner banks.

$ 5 million invested in Russian representation of Chinese cryptocurrency

BitZ Crypto Exchange from Hong Kong opens in Russia, which already operates in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Eastern Europe, Middle East
East, North Africa. BitZ is also licensed to operate digital exchanges in the US, Estonia and Malaysia. Investments in the Russian project in the first stage will amount to $ 5 million


In the administration of the Perm region began to receive visitors the first robot official in Russia

The concierge robot began to consult, issue passes and make an appointment at the Permian government building. While there is technical testing and debugging workflows

According to the manufacturer, Promobot works more precisely a person: he is not mistaken, not distracted and cannot be cheated. It is enough for the visitor to attach a passport to the scanner – a robot for
a few seconds will check the authenticity of the document and the presence of a guest record for the reception, and then issue a pass. Promobot will also help you book an appointment, tell you how to get to the right office, and when
need – he will contact the waiting room and clarify whether they are really waiting for a visitor.

The first deputy minister of information development and communication of the Perm region Alexander Maslov noted that the robot is capable of better, faster and at any time to provide the necessary
services, without being influenced by external factors.


Tele2 and Huawei have entered into a contract for direct supply of subscriber equipment …

MTS will invest three billion rubles in the development of Stavropol’s digital infrastructure …

Traffic on the Dom.Gi network exceeded 3 million Tbytes

The volume of Internet traffic in the network of JSC ER-Telecom Holding for the year increased by 23% compared to 2018 and reached 3.2 million Tbytes. Video accounts for the largest share of the total – 48%
(Video hosting, online movie theaters).

MTS became the first Russian operator to establish a cellular base station in Antarctica. GSM standard mobile network is deployed in Russia
Antarctic Station Progress and provides voice cellular communication to the staff and guests of the station.

The steady signal covers the housing and service modules of the Progress Station, the aerodrome area and the bay where the vessels are moored. Expedition members can now make a cell phone call
to their families on the Big Earth, each other, and members of other countries’ science stations in Antarctica. Cellular signal will also help to determine the location of polarities during the conduct
works in the area of ​​the Progress station.

Tele2 and Huawei have entered into direct supply contracts

Direct deliveries of Huawei subscriber equipment to Tele2 will begin in late January. Huawei branded Tele2 smartphones were first shipped by an official Vendor distributor in
The Russian Federation. A direct partnership was made possible by the significant purchase of smartphones. Tele2 is actively developing the Huawei brand representation in its retail network built on
franchise models. During 2019, these devices ranked second in the top three brands of key customer preferences, second only to Samsung. According to the results of 2019, the share of sales of smartphones
Huawei in pieces was 15.5%, an increase of 9.4% year on year. Huawei’s 2019 sales revenue increased 7.8% to 17.5%. The average check also increased by 38% to almost
8 thousand Rubles.

Tele2 has provided voice communications and high-speed mobile Internet throughout the Western High Speed ​​Diameter (WMD) in
St. Petersburg.

The work allowed to close the precarious reception areas and to provide communication throughout the 46 kilometers of the road. The intensity of motorway traffic in peak days reaches 300,000
cars a day.

The sophisticated design features of the APD did not allow it to be limited to traditional antenna-mast structures with base stations in the area of ​​the route. Technical experts of the operator
installed modern telecommunication equipment within the framework of the traffic management system.

MTC is a shareholder of SWiP, the developer of the biometric payment platform

MTS has announced an investment in Swipglobal Ltd (Cyprus), which owns 100% of Smart Wallet LLC (SWiP trademark), the developer of the biometrics payments platform for individuals and applications
retail loyalty. The agreement aims to further develop SWiP’s business in Russia. MTS’s share in Swipglobal Ltd’s capital will be 15%

In connection with the POS-system and the retailer’s CRM, the service eliminates the presence of a customer’s bank card and loyalty cards, speeding up customer service at the checkout. Rejection of plastic cards
loyalty, electronic cards in a smartphone and dictating the cashier of a phone number increases the number of checks identified and makes the purchase process quick and safe for the customer.


The supermarket chain “True” has increased the accuracy of forecasting the effect of promotions 1.5 times by introducing GoodsForecast.Promo. System using machine learning technologies independently
analyzes key parameters of previous stocks and forecasts future results. The forecasting output is automatically uploaded to it.
“Our network holds promotions every week, with 500-600 products participating in them,” says Denis Vechkanov, Deputy Director General for Commerce and Marketing of the Supermarket Network.

Wildberries Retailer Announces Opening of E-Commerce Expertise Centers in Belgorod and Yaroslavl.

The opening of the centers will allow entrepreneurs of Belgorod and Yaroslavl regions to expand their e-commerce competencies, increase sales at Wildberries, and
reduce logistics costs.


Telco, a leading distributor of polymers, chemical raw materials and lubricants, together with Trinity, implemented a new IT infrastructure project in 2019.

Specialists of Telco and Trinity companies have found the optimal price-performance ratio of new equipment from leading manufacturers of SRS, network solutions and software. task
virtualization and backup are implemented on the basis VMware and Veeam. The basis of the “iron” part was a complex of equipment Fujitsu as part of the Fujitsu ET DX 200 SRS and Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 servers. The project also
involved Trinity server hardware. The network part consists of switches Extreme X 620, NGFW is responsible for information security Palo Alto.

As part of the collaboration, a 30-minute migration of services and applications to the new hardware and software infrastructure was completed.

Rossetti Automated Tax Monitoring Based on 1C: Holding Management Solution

Rossetti, which operates one of the largest power grids in the world, has completed a pilot project for tax monitoring automation based on 1C: Holding Management. As a result
tested and optimized built – in 1C: Holding Management functional beta version of the solution “1C: Tax
monitoring, “which automates the interaction of the enterprise with the tax authorities, including the organization of access of tax specialists to the company accounting and tax records,
processing FNS requests and monitoring their execution. The transition of Rossetti to tax monitoring is planned from 2020.

Softline has implemented a project designed to help Sportmaster’s international sports store network significantly accelerate the work of models of artificial intelligence. thanks to
implementation of NVIDIA DGX-2 software and hardware systems designed to solve complex problems in the field of artificial intelligence, the retailer expects to improve the demand forecasting process
and replenishing inventory, improving the effectiveness of marketing programs and managing the sales staff.

Goznak and Borlas Group announce the start of a large-scale project

on development and implementation of corporate IC of management of resources of enterprises of “State sign” (CIS of URP) on the basis of software products “1C: ERP Management of enterprise 2” and “1C: Management of holding”.

According to the results of the open tender, Borlas Group is recognized as the main contractor (co-contractors: Axioma and Gigabyte companies) for the creation of CIS PSAs for Goznak JSC. The project assumes
complex automation of key business processes of JSC Goznak: – operational accounting and operational planning of production and procurement, warehouse accounting and treasury operations, in addition,
integration with local information systems of Goznak branches is assumed.

Within the project it is planned to automate the management of JSC Goznak, as well as 8 branches of the enterprise.

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