IT-Weekly Review (01/27 - 02/02/2020)

IT-Weekly Review (01/27 – 02/02/2020)

Anna Savelyeva


Beeline launches sale of SIM cards on AliExpress …

OPPO started to cooperate with DNS

The brand’s stores will feature six brand models: Reno2, Reno2 Z, A9 2020, A5 2020, A5s and A1k. For this reason, the purchase of OPPO smartphones in DNS stores will be multitasking:
consumers will be able to make installments 0-0-12 or receive 10% bonuses on ProZaPass card cost


Avast eliminates Jumpshot through scandal

Jumpshot will fully pay the bills of its suppliers in the usual manner for the products and services provided. Jumpshot will also notify its customers in a timely manner of termination
provision of data services. For employees who have accidentally fallen into this story, the company promises to minimize the consequences of this decision. Recall that at the end of January 2020
the motherboard edition claimed that Avast sells customer data to large corporations through its Jumpshot subsidiary for millions of dollars.

Hitachi Vantara acquires Waterline Data

Waterline Data solutions are based on proprietary technology that eliminates obstacles to the successful operation of the data lake. Integration of Waterline Data technology with Lumada Data
Services will allow customers to create a common metadata structure.

The acquisition of Waterline Data is expected to be completed by March 31, 2020. After the acquisition, Hitachi Vantara will provide these technologies to customers both in the form of individual solutions and
integrated components in the Lumada Data Services.

New Products Group has released its smart column

The capsule can make online calls, listen to music from the VK playlist, and work with plastic RFID cards. One of the key areas of device development is the integration of the speaker into
smart home systems. It will allow you to control electrical appliances, sockets and other equipment. The column will hit the shelves this quarter.

Informational security

Members of the criminal group were detained

Indonesia’s cyber police together with Interpol and Group-IB. They have infected a JavaScript sniffer, a popular type of malware, with hundreds of online stores in Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom,
Germany, Indonesia, the US and other countries in the world. Criminals have stolen bank card details from customers and used them to buy gadgets and luxury goods. All of them have been charged
stealing electronic data using GetBilling sniffers. The operation is ongoing in 5 other regions of the Asia-Pacific.

Check Point has identified Microsoft Azure vulnerabilities

The first security flaw was discovered in Azure Stack. Azure Stack vulnerability allowed hackers to get screenshots and sensitive information about Azure machines. friend
the vulnerability was discovered in Azure App Service. The lack of security allowed hackers to gain control of the entire Azure server and therefore gain control of the code
business applications organizations.


Sberbank has launched a parcel delivery service

in your mobile cardholder app. You can send a parcel from Moscow to 500 cities on the basis of self-export and to 19 cities, including Moscow, with a door-to-door courier. at registration
parcels in the application, users choose the destination city, available for this city delivery method – “Sberkurrier” or “Sberpost” – as well as the address and data of the recipient.

To pay for in-app delivery, you must specify the weight of the parcel (up to 5 kg or up to 10 kg) and, if desired, its estimated cost for inclusion in the insurance rate. After payment from the program you can immediately
print out the form and paste it on the parcel.


WebMoney has joined the Quick Payments System …


The Ministry of Communications insists on a single 5G network instead of several

The agency does not support the plans of fifth-generation operators in Russia and refuses to allocate frequencies without competition. According to the government, the frequencies will be allocated without bidding to one
operator, and he, in turn, will have to give access to a single network to everyone.


MTS and Ericsson have established a foothold for the Smart City Pole

On this basis, companies have deployed Internet of Things solutions for the “smart city” – environmental monitoring and “smart parking” services. The Smart City Pole is designed as a mast of street lighting,
inside which can be installed 5G base station equipment and Wi-Fi hotspot, on the outside – video monitors to display various information, as well as sensors, cameras and sensors
for different smart city solutions. The design can be equipped with sockets for charging electric cars and gadgets, an emergency call button. Installation is planned starting in 2020
of these structures in Russian millionaire cities.

Eutelsat Networks will operate under the new brand konnect …

MTS and Ericsson have launched an industrial 5G at KAMAZ plant …

ZTE and China Telecom have performed remote 5G diagnosis of coronavirus …

Megaphone launches Digital Lawyer

At the heart of the Digital Lawyer ecosystem is the neural network and optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The service offers three products to increase the efficiency of your big business back office and
optimization of its legal, operational and accounting functions.


Citylink has introduced an electronic document flow option …

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